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  1. Classic Tech
    Hello. I have a '67 Mustang (San Jose built) with a 289/2bbl. I am now in New Mexico and want to remove the smog system as I have no plans to move back to California. I did some research and got some plugs for it only to find out that they were way too small for the openings I need to plug...
  2. Classic Tech
    Hello. I am looking to put a 4 bbl carburetor on my '67 289 using a 302 4bbl intake manifold. I am currently trying to sell a '74 Mercury Cougar XR7 that came factory equipped with a 460 and a Carter TQ 4bbl carburetor. My question is, would that carburetor fit on my '67 Mustang, or should I...
1-2 of 2 Results