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  1. Classic Talk
    I recently bought a 1968 Mustang and just bought a 77 today for parts. I noticed the 77 has a power brake booster. Would this booster fit my 68? Thanks
  2. Classic Tech
    I recently got the news that the 289 in my 68 coupe is dead and i need a new engine. I am thinking of going the route of a crate engine. In my old one i had a comp cam, performer intake, gt40p heads and a few other things so i am not looking at going back to a stock crate. I am looking to...
  3. Classic Tech
    I have a 68 stang with an 83 302 on it. I want to change it over to a 351 Windsor. What all would I have to change to make this work. (headers, axles, transmission, etc. ) I have a C4 transmission in it That is a link to the engine I want!
  4. Classic Tech
    I bought a 68 V8 with manual steering. I remember how hard it was with manual steering cars, but this one is really heavy. I put 3 cartidges of grease inthe steering box. But still very high effort. Car tracks perfectly and does not seem to be misaligned. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Classic Tech
    HI, I am looking at doing a cam swap on my '68 mustang and had some questions. I have a 289 with the stock c4 and stock rear end. So far i have long tube headers and flowmaster exhaust, new intake and 4bbl 600 carb but other than that stock. I just the car as weekend driver, just something...
  6. Classic Tech
    Hi, i have a 68 289 with a c4 transmission. I just swapped the old 2v stock intake and and carb and installed a Edelbrock Performer intake and a Holley 600cfm carb. When i start up the car the idle is much faster than it was originally(but still smooth not jumpy) and i have turned it down as...
  7. Classic Tech
    Hey guys I have posted a thread about this already but it wont let me post replies i dunno I have a 1968 mustang and it just wont start any more. Drove it in the morning and ran fine. I tried to start it later that afternoon and nothing. things I have done 1. took the battery to get charged (...
  8. Classic Tech
    hey this is a general question i have... what parts of the 1986-1993 EFI Mustang GT can be put into my 68 Coupe I6? - I had the bright idea of purchasing a beat up early 5.0EFI mustang with good running motor, and swapping it into my 68. - if i were to do that will suspension/ brakes/ rear...
  9. Classic Talk
    hi i cant figure out how to remove the rear lights on my 68 mustang ...they are skrewed in with screws but the nuts on them are round ..never seen something like this before.
  10. Classic Tech
    hey whats going on everybody. alright so im trying to set-up the fuel pump on my 68 mustang. i had my uncle look at it and he told me that the fuel pump is in the tank and that what i am looking at is the filter. is this true? i have no idea what to do right now i want to go out and buy a...
1-10 of 11 Results