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  1. 1967 Mustang 200ci rear end upgrade

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    Hi all, I've been upgrading my mustang with a rebuilt inline 6 and been thinking about upgrading the rear end on the mustang. I believe it has the stock 2.73 gears in the back which makes acceleration pretty sluggish, so I was wondering what would happen if I added a 8 inch rear end to the car...
  2. 67 Cougar/Mustang rear end???

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    I have a picture of the tag on my rear end and was wondering if that could be decoded to tell if it is an 8 inch or a 9 inch as well as what gears would be in it too. Here's a pic of the tag. Any info would be great! thanks!
  3. 8" and 8.8" Differential Parts Interchange?

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    I have an 8" Dif with 2.79 gears and an AOD trans... way to high a final ratio. I was looking for a replacement ring and pinion, went to Summit Racing, and saw that the part# was identical for both the 8" and 8.8" ring and pinion! Anyone know if these two use the same ring and pinion (or is...
  4. 1966 Rear End Conversion

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    25 years ago, the prior owner of my '66 hardtop replaced the original i6 with a 289 from a 1969 mustang (so he said). I think the conversion ended there. The car still has everything else as if it were still an i6 - brakes, rear end, 4 lug axles, worn out steering box etc etc etc. I just got...
  5. 1966 8 inch rear - need advice quick

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    Hey guys, So i've drained my 8 inch, replaced the pumpkin with a rebuilt 8 inch with posi and 3.25 gears. So far i've pour a full gallon of gear oil in plus 4 oz of friction modifier. How much oil is it supposed to hold? I filled it with the drain plug facing up so i could pour it straight...
  6. traction lock id help

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    Hey guys I picked up a traction lock today for a ford 8 inch/28 spline. Got it from a chevy guy who's brother gave it to him a long time ago when he owned a salvage yard. Wasn't going to fit in his nova, so I picked it up for cheap. Even though it's old, it looks brand new (he didn't think it...
  7. 8 inch vs. 9 inch build question

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    Hey guys - I wanted to get some opinions as to whether this is worth my time or not to mess with: I'm building my '65 mustang, currently swapped in an 8 inch. Well, as time goes by and the build progesses, things are changing. I've been toying with the idea of "sometime in the future"...