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8" rear end

  1. 1966 Mustang rear drum brakes V8

    Classic Tech
    Alright I am doing a 5 lug swap on my 200ci. Got everything done and went to put together my rear drums so i could get it on the ground, bu then i found out I DID NOT GET ALL THE PIECES FOR THE DRUM BRAKES.... UGH! So here is the issue. I do not have my parking brake anymore, and one thing I...
  2. '65 GT 8" 3.00 pumpkin -- should I be worried about a chipped differential?

    Classic Talk
    Hi all, So, I sprung a slight leak at the pinion seal and have tackled the job of replacing the seal. Because I ran into one immediate problem (haven't yet been able to remove the pinion nut), I decided to pull the the 3rd member out for sh*ts and giggles. Eventually, I got it out and...
  3. Welding New Axle Perches for 1965 Mustang on an 8" Rear End

    Classic Tech
    1965 Mustang with I-6 Rear End. I bought an 8" Rear End with 3" axle tubes from a Maverick. The only problem is the Axle Perches were removed. I found an article to weld on new perches here. My leaf springs are about 2 1/2" wide. FORDification - How to Weld Leaf Spring Axle Perches...