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  1. Built 302 acceleration problems

    5.0L Tech
    Hey I recently bought a 87 mustang GT with a freshly built 302. With a few mods one being a e303 cam. When I start the car it accelerates up to 6-7 RPM. It even accelerates on its own when I'm driving it. We took it to autozone and a guy said we had to take it to a mustang performance shop so...
  2. 87 mustang motor swap problems

    5.0L Tech
    Just bought a 87 mustang 5.0 that had overheating issues so I swapped in a 89 5.0 and got it running but it smokes black smoke and is running rich. The original motor had a smog pump deleted so I don't know what's sensors have been removed or what changes with that. The original motor also used...
  3. 87 Mustang GT Seat options

    5.0L Tech
    OK guys, i have a 1987 Mustang GT lightly modded and i need some help with seats. My Girlfriend fun sized (5ft even) and cant drive the thing bc the seat back doesnt come forward enough. LMAO! SO, im shopping for seats and wondering what a good adjustable seat where the back sits...
  4. Heater Core Replacement Question

    5.0L Tech
    What type of compound do I use to seal or insulate the heater core as it sits in the case? It looks like originally there was some type of liquid butyl of some sort? (black and sticky) Can I use silicone? I had someone tell me this is critical. I've searched all the threads and read the...
  5. 1987 Mustang GT Ignition Lock Cylinder Problem - Lost Keys, Please Help!

    5.0L Tech
    Is there another way that i can take my ignition lock cylinder out of the '87 Ford Mustang without keys? If there is can you please tell me? I'm a newbie at fixing cars so don't think that i know everything lol Please do check out my pictures and see if you can find a way.. Thanks!!
  6. 1987 Ford Mustang GT Ignition Problem. Lost Keys! Need Help!

    5.0L Tech
    :waveyHey guys. Just bout half a year ago i lost my keys and never took the time to find them due to working full time again. Then i wanted to look for them 2 months ago and i can't. So.. instead of having any luck of finding them i decided to buy a new ignition with new set of keys. Now.. the...
  7. 1987 Mustang GT arbol de levas

    Hola amigos del mustang.---soy nuevo en este foro y necesito un poco de ayuda de conocedores de esto, acabo de empezar a modificar mi mustang y por lo pronto quisiera k me dijeran de un buen arbol de levas para k me jalara mejor, mis dudas son me gustaria el mejor arbol sin tener k cambiar nada...