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  1. Classic Tech
    I have an 8" Dif with 2.79 gears and an AOD trans... way to high a final ratio. I was looking for a replacement ring and pinion, went to Summit Racing, and saw that the part# was identical for both the 8" and 8.8" ring and pinion! Anyone know if these two use the same ring and pinion (or is...
  2. V6 Tech
    So I've decided to go with an 8.8" differential and now I'm trying to figure out what I will need to install it. any info at all would be a great help. thanks
  3. Classic Tech
    Anyone know where I can find one? Will is this the same width as the typical 1975 Mustang II rear end? Going in to 1970 Maverick...I now you guys are all Mustang dudes...but I can hang here with you right? heh heh
  4. 5.0L Tech
    I have an opportunity to receive a few complete 9 inch rear ends. Not sure of mileage or condition. My question is is it going to be easier to swap an 8.8 LS with discs on it in my 86 capri or get the 9 inch narrowed? Thanks for any help.
  5. 4.6L Tech
    So long story short had some issues with my rear end. Cant take apart because a bolt broke in the differential. But thats not important. Does anyone know where i can find an aftermarket company that can build me a bolt in 8.8 with ABS and LSD. I dont really want to buy a used rear end.
  6. Classic Tech
    I am swapping a '95 Explorer 8.8" rear into my 'Stang, everything is going ok, I got my leaf spring perches going good, the only problem seems to be the driveshaft. My passenger-side muffler is obstructing the pinion gear adapter for the rear-end. Has anyone else done this swap before? Or maybe...
1-6 of 6 Results