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93 lx issues

  1. Problem with Power under a load in my 1993 Mustabng LX

    2.3L Tech
    Hi, im new to this site and got my first mustang, a 93 lx 2.3 mustang to save on gas and have something easy to tinker with, i already got some problems i cant seem to figure out.... it idles fine, sounds really nice for a 4 banger when idleing and reving it up, but under a load (when in gear...
  2. 1993 Mustang need rear end help asap

    5.0L Tech
    Hi all. Need some help here. I have a 93 fox lx notch with a 351 conversion. It has a 88 turbo coupe rear end. In it.... well the other day some idiot let there dog run loose and run out infront of me in a 45 mph zone and I locked up my brakes and slid into a sidewalk curb and bent my rear axle...
  3. 1993 lx Mustang disc brake diagnosis. caliper? pads?

    5.0L Tech
    the other day i was braking down from 75 mph to 0 getting off the highway and i found myself pushing the brake pedal almost all the way to the floor... i pulled over and found the right front wheel slightly smoking and the brakes were significantly weakened. when i got home i took the wheel off...
  4. Multiple 93 LX problems all at once...HELP!

    5.0L Tech
    Ok so about all at the same time this is what happened while I was driving my 93 5.0 LX(stock). 1. Exhaust note went from normal to a drone like popping sound. Almost like a Honda Shadow if anyone has ever heard those bikes. Exhaust leak? Fouled plug? Bad wire? 2. Idle is rough and starting...