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  1. 1996 Mustang GT Gasket/Seal Help

    4.6L Tech Can anyone tell me what these seals, the orange and black ones and the orange and black o-rings next to them, are for? I'm reassembling a 2v 4.6 out of a 96 GT and its been about 3 years since I tore it apart, these...
  2. Coolant Issues On My GT

    4.6L Tech
    I've been having coolant issues, with my 96 GT ever since the upper hose cracked. I replaced that hose with one Advanced sold me, the pressure blew that hose off, turns out it was the improper hose for my car. Anyway, I got the new hose, then replaced them both, thought the thermostat was...
  3. 1996 Mustang GTS

    Just saying hi hoping to meet some new people!! Im about to buy a 1996 GTS and Iv got a few questions i need answers to...
  4. 1996 Mustang GT lowering springs

    4.6L Tech
    I have a completely stock, white 1996 mustang gt. Its in really good condition. I want it to be lower so that the wheels look more flush with the fenders but idk how much my stock struts can take. american muscle has lowering springs, i was just wondering what the lowest i can go without...
  5. 1995 mustang gt v.s 2000 gt

    Kill Stories
    ok so i have a big race this coming saturday and i need to know if i have a shot at this, im racing a black 95 gt and i wanna know if my 2000 gt has a shot at taking it, the 95 is stock and i just have a jlt rai