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  1. SVT Cobra Talk
    I was all set to buy a 96 SVT Cobra. Garage queen, showroom new, 39K miles, some mods to bring it up to about 340hp. Last night I come across 2002 Saleen S281. The Saleen has 29K miles. Been garage kept, has great paint but not perfect. The only thing that concerns me is the undercarriage...
  2. SVT Cobra Talk
    If my mechanic gives it the thumbs up I hope to close on a 96 SVT Cobra this week. The car is Black and the paint is showroom new. It's been garaged all of it's life. I need to keep it outside with a cover until I get a non-running 63 Pontiac Tempest out of the garage and generally clean the...
1-2 of 2 Results