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  1. Interior dress for 4th Gen Mustangs (1999-2004)

    4.6L Talk
    Ok, so I'm looking for a bit more flash for the interior of my GT (leather interior, all in black). I'm thinking of getting that Bullit interior kit, which gives me a brushed aluminum replacement for my door locks, wiper knob, headlight knob, door handles, and a few other buttons and dials. The...
  2. best way to get 300+ hp out of a 2000 v6

    V6 Tech
    ok ill have 4k, maybe 5k if i work really hard over summer. i only have CAI, true dual exuast. i like the P-1SC procharger but im not too good at working on cars yet so i would need to get it installed which would be expensive plus a professional custom tune cost a lot too. my dad will flip out...

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I need you to locate the hose connection from manifold supply air inlet on my 2001 mustang v6 to install my air charger : eBay Motors: Air charger engine air intake Fuel Saver save fuel gas (item 160276054534 end time Aug-28-08 10:14:28 PDT) You can go see on that link there is some...