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air conditioning problems

  1. How do you make sure an A/C compressor is functional

    Classic Tech
    I'm looking to purchase a 67 Cougar which we all know is the mustangs cousin and share alot of the same components. The seller has stated that the compressor works just needs some freon in it. However just to make sure how would I go on about checking the compressor to see if it actually does...
  2. A/C blowing hot air HELP

    SVT Cobra Talk
    Hey everyone, my ac just out of nowhere started blowing hot air today, it was blowing ice cold just before that. Im going on the road soon and really need this fixed. It still blows hard but warm, and if i crank the dial, it will heat just fine, but wont go cold. I checked i believe the high...
  3. 2008 Mustang Air Conditioner Problem. Blows out hot air.

    4.6L Tech
    Most of the time, my A/C will blow hot air, even hotter than the air outside. There are times when the A/C works properly, but way more often it does not. When it does blow cold/cool air, sometimes I can smell it...kind of a chemical smell. Took the car to a repair shop and the A/C was ran...
  4. 1996 Mustang Air Compressor Pulley

    V6 Talk
    Okay, so I have a problem with my car... It has 148k miles on it. I have a brand new transmission that maybe has 2k miles on it. The engine has had it repairs but now the air compressor pulley is NOT turning, thus burning the fan belt. I turn on the A/C and the engine literally almost stops...
  5. 1988 mustang blinkers not working

    i have a 1988 mustang lx with a 2.3l one day i turned the ignition and smoke came out of it. then my air conditioning, my fan blower motor, radiator fan, reverse lights, and rear defrost stopped working. i replaced the ignition switch and the turn signal switch and it did absolutely nothing. i...
  6. 1997 Mustang gt weird smell when ac is on

    4.6L Tech
    whenever i turn on the ac in my 97 gt i smell a weird burning smell it smells kinda like it has before when the water pump broke and the serpentine belt had to be replaced but i have checked that out already belt is fine anybody know what could be causing this?
  7. 1997 4.6L Problema Funcionamiento Aire Acondicionado

    Modernos 1974-2007
    Hola, Amigo, tengo Un problema con mi Aire Acondicionado. les platico, hace una semana despues de casi dos años de haber comprar mi Mustang, decidi revisar el porque no funcionaba el Aire Acondicionado. Compre un bote de R-134 para recargar el liquido refrigerante. Encendi el Aire y no sale...