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  1. Seats, Harness and airbags...

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So...Back with more questions... Thinking about upgrading seats to get some better side support. However, I was informed that the 07+ mustangs have side airbags and if i want to deactivate the side airbag harness i would have to just basically do an airbag delete. I'm still using the car for...
  2. Airbag Delete

    4.6L Tech
    So I'm in the transition of converting my stang to drag only and I'm doing weight reduction. I removed the airbags and installed airbag delete's. I have a X3 tuner from AM's bama team. I had just assumed that they could write a tune for me the would clear any codes that would come up and turn...
  3. 1969 fastback suspension

    Classic Tech
    My ride set higher in front than back. At least an inch. I like the looks of a more lower ride. What's the best way to go without breaking the bank. Airbags, leafsprings, coil overs?????? Looking to put 17" wheels on it when finished and maybe one size larger in back or a similar combo.
  4. Engine Code P0581 help

    Mustang GT500
    Car- 2010 Shelby GT500 Installed Vortech supercharger, kooks headers and xpipe. Got the tune from vortech. Put everything back together, loaded the tune, started it up and now the airbag light is on, its throwing a P0581 engine code (which has something to do with the cruise control) and the...
  5. airbag has a strange bolt keeping it in.

    V6 Tech
    2001 v6 auto Hello everyone! I had a minor accident a few weeks back and, long story short, a tree stump jumpped out infront of my car and the air bags went off.. since then I have done all mechanical work except the airbags are still out. The driver side airbag is held inplace by a bolt that...