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  1. 2014 GT Shaker1000 add on

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    I'm looking to add an after market amp and sub to my shaker 1000 system. Can I tap into the power and remote wires going to the factory amp to avoid running wires from ignition and battery? If so does anyone have a wiring diagram to go off of?
  2. Install / upgrading 2007 GT with dual (962 & 342 watt) amplifiers using two 8ga kits?

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    Install / upgrading 2007 GT with dual (962 & 342 watt) amplifiers using two 8ga kits? I have finally gathered together what I hope to be a near perfect upgrade to my 2007 Mustang GT's audio system. I have read other posts concerning wire gauge and its size necessity once you near 1500 watts...
  3. Anyone recently replace their Mach 460 system and still have the stock amps?

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    I purchased a 2003 mustang convertible a couple of months ago and it has the typical leaky roof. I've fixed that up but when I got the car it took me a while to notice there was no bass. I found the fuse under the steering wheel and replaced it. I got the bass I wanted and was perfectly fine...
  4. 1988 Mustang GT Stereo Aftermarket Replacement Notes

    5.0L Tech
    I decided to replace my 1988 "premium sound" cassette player. This version has 6 speakers: 2 dash, 2 door and 2 rear. The premium sound adds an amplifier and door speakers. Since the car is mostly stock I just wanted to unplug the old and plug in new so it could be reversed easily...
  5. 2006 Mustang Convertible Shaker 500 + 150 Subwoofer Project

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    Shaker 500 + 150 Project I have a 2006 V6 Mustang Convertible with the Shaker 500 stereo system. Overall not a bad setup for a factory system, but it lacked deep bass, as the door ‘subwoofers’ didn’t handle frequencies below 80Hz very well. Being a convertible, and having limited funds, I...
  6. 2 Subwoofers or 1?

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    Hey guys, So I've asked for advice on my setup before but I just wanted to get some more opinions. Currently I have (waiting to be installed) one 12'' Alpine Type-E Single Voice and a ported box for it as well as an Alpine 150-watt amp. Will this setup be enough for the deep bass I am looking...
  7. Is a Mustang v6 2005 alternator sufficient to power this amp?

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    here is the amplifier MTX 1000XD 2000W Max, Class D Monoblock Amplifier X Thunder 1000 and i am running a 0 guage to it thanks!
  8. Classic Mustang Amplifier hookup

    Classic Talk
    For those of you who have put an Amplifier in your classic mustang, where did you ground out the amp? I was just asking since i put my amp and sub in the trunk and am a little bit worried about the gas tank sitting next to it.
  9. Sound system revamp

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    So I bought a 2006 gt premium last summer and around xmas decided that my summer project would be a whole new sound system. I replaced the shaker 500 head unit with a kenwood kiv bt900 from crutchfield. Kenwood KIV-BT900 Digital media receiver at I have kind of a lot of...
  10. 2003 Mustang Dimming lights with bass

    V6 Talk
    I have a 2003 v6 mustang, with the mach 460 sound system, removed, and a complete aftermarket sony system, with a 2000watt power acustic amp, running 2 jbl 12's on a sealed box and a 1 farad cap. the stereo was installed on the original alternator,, which worked fine for the first year, then...
  11. 1999 Mustang Mach System - What to Upgrade?

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    I am currently deciding what to upgrade on my Mach system. Everything currently is stock, and I want more bass. Would it be more economical to replace the rear speakers? If so, can you recommend some? Or would it be best to add a small sub/amp combo? I don't want bass that is going to wake...
  12. question about the factory amplifier in a 2000 mustang, V6 3.8 L

    V6 Tech
    I just received a 2000 ford mustang V6 3.8L for graduation three weeks ago. I'm trying to install a new sound system in it and have run across a question. Is it possible to hook up a subwoofer to the factory amplifier. If so how can you do this, or would it be easier to buy a cheap amp from a...
  13. I need a wiring diagram for 2003 Mustang Convertible

    V6 Tech
    I need the audio wiring diagram for the rear amps... It's the mach stereo. I don't think it's the mach 1000 for the lack of 4 amps. I'm pretty sure it's the mach 460, I have two amps, but I need the diagram reguardless. I'm taping into it for a few changes. The rear subs are **** and the right...
  14. 2001 Mach 460 Rear Speaker Amplifier problems

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2001 Mustang with the Mach 460 system in it. About 6 months ago I began having all kinds of electrical problems. The car had to be jumped every time I wanted to start it. After paying a truckload at the dealership, I finally found an Auto Electronics shop to take it to, who informed...
  15. Are my amps blown? MACH 460 Front Mids/Subwoofer or Amps not working. Please say no.

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    So, here's the deal. I bought a 2004 Mustang Convertible V6 Automatic last August. It's been very trusty thus far, and the head unit took a crap and died. It was a 6CD stock unit and the CD's would get jammed. So I bought a Pioneer FH-P8000BT at Christmas time. I tried to install it myself...
  16. Confused about amp watts!

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    I've decided on a 12 in sub to put in my 2000, the sub puts out 1400 watts max power and 350 watts nominal power. Now, what confuses me is the amp wattage. I was looking at a 2 channel legacy amp that puts out 1600 watts when bridged but only 800 watts when it isn't bridged. So I was wondering...