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any suggestions?

  1. Newfoundland & Labrador
    Hello all,,hope you are having a good weekend. I need some helpful advice to fix what I screwed up. I was trying to take the slack out of the seatbelt by tightening the spring on the seat belt retractor when the mechanism slipped and I ended up with a handful of spring.. I have tried several...
  2. 4.6L Tech
    So i took my 1996 mustang gt 8cyl 4.6L SOCH 5speed out after i had try'd to replace the ignition cylinder but had to put the old one back in and so i was driving it up my occasional hills and about 1 mile i turn around and it just starts to die out everytime i give it gas. Any help please
  3. Classic Tech
    hey guys, i have a 68 302 thats leaking looks like a mix of oil and water out of one tailpipe. the other tailpipe is ok . i do not see anything but oil on the dipstick. the anti-freeze looks good too. i just changed the head gasket and a broken rocker arm and that didn't help. any suggestions ?
  4. Introductions
    My name is Joe, from San Antonio T.X. and im glad to say I recently purchased my first Mustang. Its a 1995 5.0 GT convertible that is all stock and I look foward to adding some good modifications after I do some repairs to bring this car back to the way it should be running. The first thing I...