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  1. Where to add atf for the convertible top. 95 auto

    V6 Tech
    i have tried a search with no results. im not the only that has asked ive read them in full and no results so i started a thread. my top wont go up or down but i do hear the motor working and have ran through all the electrical trouble shooting steps . so its not electrical and before i condem...
  2. 1966 Mustang C4 Auto Transmission, what kind of fluid?

    Classic Talk
    Alright, so I'm trying to find out what kind of fluid should be used, or is ok to use (wont kill my transmission) I've seen alot of stuff saying dont do it its the end of the world, and other people saying it really doesn't make a difference another issue though im not entirely sure if it...
  3. ATF use on manual transmission

    4.6L Tech
    The site for Amsoil and for many other products recommend the use of ATF on manual transmissions. I have a 2002 Mustang GT in excellent shape (67K miles) and don't want to see it destroyed by misinformation. It doesn't make sense to me that Automatic Transmission Fluid, which has hydraulic...
  4. Carbon deposits and sticky exhaust valve

    Classic Tech
    Ok... I bought a '69 coupe a while ago and my ex-mechanic/motor-head neighbor diagnosed my windsor with a sticky exhaust valve that isn't closing properly. He tried pouring type f down the carb and that helped some. The next thing he suggested hooking up my windshield washer hose (filled with...
  5. T5 noise after removing shifter

    5.0L Tech
    Hey, ive got a fully rebuilt T5 with a steeda Tri-ax shifter. Yesterday i noticed the bolts that connect the shifter to the base of the trans wernt even fingure tight. so i removed the shifter, re-applied some RTV and torqued the bolts back up. Now with everthing together you can really hear the...
  6. ATF is very slippery stuff so...

    V6 Talk
    what if i use ATF in my engine oil? anyone who has spilled ATF on their garage floor knows it's like ice in summer time. let's say i don't want to use expensive synthetic oil and still want low friction, if i replace one quart of valvoline with mercon-V would there be any negative side affects?
  7. 1966 Mustang Automatic Transmission Fluid

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1966 Mustang Coupe with an inline 6 cyl 200 cu in and a C4 automatic transmission. It has been sitting in my garage for about 7 years. I bought a new gasket and filter for the transmission and I want to put in synthetic automatic transmission fluid. I have been looking at Mobil 1...