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  1. Report: Aussies Shouldn’t Expect to Get the GT500

    Australian buyers shouldn’t expect to see a GT500 in their nearest dealer anytime soon, Ford Australia spokesperson, Damion Smy told Cars Guide recently . There are “no plans to bring the Mustang GT500 to Australia as it is strictly left-hand drive only,” Smy told the Aussie publication...
  2. 1971 Ford Falcon Tops $1 Million at Auction

    This is now the most expensive car come from Australia. It's a Ford Falcon from 1971, but this isn't an ordinary Falcon. In the midst of a rivalry with the Holden Torana and Chrysler Valiant in the 1970s on the legendary Bathurst circuit, more power and better handling were needed...
  3. The Ford Mustang’s New Big Market: Australia

    Thanks to the appeal of a modern independent rear suspension and the availability of right-hand drive, the sixth-generation Ford Mustang has encountered far greater global appeal than any Mustang before it. The latest country to take a real liking to the Mustang is Down Under, where...
  4. 1967 Fastback owner chiming in from Down Under

    Hi all. Just joined up today so I'll introduce myself before posting in the forums. I go by the name Mac. I've owned a 1967 Fastback with a fuel-injected 302, 4 speed top loader for a few years now. I've let her run her course with many a coast cruise but she's now ready for her full...
  5. Kiwis Hopeful That Ford Will Bring RHD Mustang Down-Under

    As you can see from the Holden/Mustang hybrid in the photo, the gearheads of New Zealand love the Mustang. It has never been officially sold their but with the announcment of a RHD model for the UK, the Kiwis are hopeful they may finally get to buy a brand new pony car. The remote nation did not...
  6. G'Day from Australia. 1967 Mustang Fastback.

    Hey folks :) I recently bought my dream car, a 1967 Mustang Fastback, and although my restoration on it was delayed (new girlfriend), I'm now making plans to make a start on it. It's a 302 Windsor, 4 speed top-loader, right hand drive for Australian roads. Looking to make some friends here, and...