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  1. Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, I just made a similar post but I thought I'd start one slightly more relevant to the problem. My Autolite 1100 is making a really loud crackling noise at idle. You can hear it even with the air cleaner on. It sounds like someone is sucking up fluid with a straw, but a lot louder...
  2. V6 Tech
    Hi, I just wanted to know if someone ever run into the situation where \oem spark plugs where not motorcraft brand. I just replaced all six plugs in my car that has 100k and was beginning to run rough at times (no codes) and notice it had original cables. but to my surprise the plugs where...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hows it going everyone, I have been going to the parts stores a lot lately and been getting the wrong parts for my Stang. Its a 1970 Coupe with the original engine and drivetrain, 302, 2 barrel Autolite, c4. It does have electronic ignition. I have been running into this spark plug problem. The...
  4. Classic Tech
    ya i have rebuilt the carb on my 66 200ci I6, but i definitely need a new one. i know that pony remade the autolite 1100. but i was wondering if holley made one to fit this engine... i cant find it anywhere, or where other types of better carburetors can be found. thanks i appreciate it =)
1-4 of 4 Results