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  1. 1969 390 Mach 1 loud valve train noise and backfire

    Classic Tech
    Hello, My 1969 mach One "S" code 390 has a ticking noise in the driver’s side valve cover, it is louder when you rev the engine and listen during the deceleration. I thought it was lifters going bad so I installed a set of Comp Cams hydraulic lifters, the noise did not go away and now it...
  2. I need help with my 2002 V6 mustang.

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm under a great deal of stress. I purchased my 2002 V6 mustang about a year ago and everything was running great until recently. The car now shakes uncontrollably and backfires a lot. It turns on fine but then it starts to shake and it smells terribly of smoke...
  3. Will msd box fix ignition problem on 1986 Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    have 86gt ,took to shop cause it ont stay running and said its a ignition problem and the timing is swaying back and forth 20 degrees advaning and retarding was told a msd box would fix it any ideas already replaced module didnt work.
  4. S code 390 backfiring thru carb

    Classic Tech
    I have a '69 MACH 1 S code and when I accelerate hard it backfires thru the carb, I advanced the timing to around 24 degrees btdc and it still does it, I am running a MSD dist w/an al-6 box. I have recently heard that if the dist. springs are wrong this will do it, but I have not changed them...
  5. 1987 Mustang that needs a lot of love, please help!

    5.0L Tech
    Hi I have a 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible, the back side windows wont go up. They will only go done some too, i push the button to have them move and i can hear the side window motors clicking but it must not be catching the windows and pulling them up. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Also...
  6. Backfires! Magnaflow w/ H-pipe & cats... Running to Rich?

    4.6L Tech
    It does have cats and they look smaller than what I would have expected? It also has an H pipe not an X pipe. If its running rich or has weak spark what would be the most efficient way of dealing with that? I dont have a tuner or anything. Maybe plugs and wires? It does have 80,000 miles on it...
  7. Magnaflow Exhaust Backfire Problems...

    4.6L Tech
    Not sure why but when I rev the engine while in park or nuetral (no load) I get a pretty serios backfire pop(s) from the exhaust? I know its a magnaflow muffler w/ cats. Whats the problem? Lack of backpressure? Any help??
  8. 302 bored to 351 wiring harness smokes at high rpm! please read me -n- help plz?

    5.0L Tech
    just bought 1984 5.0 bored to 351. wiring harness is smoking at high rpm [think i found and fixed this problem]. but not before some wires got completly fried... could burnt wires be causing it to lose power above 3000 rpm cause of not enuf voltage or what? the ignition isn't working right now...
  9. Is my 5.0 Not Tuned Right?

    5.0L Tech
    I changed the thermostat a few days ago and put the stock 195* thermostat in and it runs really cool. It runs at about the "O" in "NORMAL" when it is about 72* out here in California. However, the problem is that I feel like it has lost some power. It has been running rich for the past two...