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battery cable

  1. 2001 Mustang V6 - How long (in inches) is the positive battery cable?

    V6 Talk
    Hi everyone, I have had a lot of problems with battery acid/corrosion with my battery cables (which is apparently a pretty common thing with Mustangs). I bought brands new battery cable terminals and was able to replace the one on the negative cable. However, the positive cable is too short for...
  2. New Alternator/Battery/Cables - Battery Light Still On

    V6 Tech
    I have a 2002 Mustang V6 with 100k miles. My battery died one day about 4 months ago, I changed it. One month later, my Alternator died, I changed it. Later that day, all the power went out while I was on the highway(on the way to a concert with a new gf...ugh). Had it jumped and made it to...
  3. Battery Cable Troubles

    V6 Talk
    This is the second time this has happened in the last two weeks: Turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened, not even a sound. The first time it happened I flagged a guy in a pickup and we used the cables to boost the engine and nothing happened, not even a sound. I called a tow truck...
  4. strating problems

    Classic Tech
    Alright guys, I was just about to take my car to get an estimate on an exhaust and couldn't get it to start. The starter seemed like it wasn't getting enogh juice to turn over. Just a straining sound. I checked the battery and noticed the negative wire was hot to the touch! I took the...
  5. Battery question

    Classic Talk
    Odd question I guess you would say. I was wondering if anyone knows the piece, what looks like the end of a bolt sticking out of the engine that you hook the altenator and the negative battery cable too. I neglected to tape it up when putting primer on my engine. Will this effect anything or is...
  6. How much do you think it would be worth

    5.0L Talk
    I have 1992 5.0 LX was a four banger someone put an 85 motor and tranny in it the synchros in 2nd are going out but they arent that bad, seems like the starter is starting to go out and a battery cable connection is bad so doesn't like to start without being jumped, body is in good shape has a...
  7. MII starter sylanoid clicking upon start up.

    Mustang II Tech
    Replaced altinator, voltage regulator, both battery cables. I'm out of ideas. I also replaced the starter slyanoid aprox. a year ago. If you jump it, it starts. . . I dont get it, I'm so so lost! Please Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?:
  8. help on how to replace battery cable assembly

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    does anyone know where I can find a diagram or video reference on how to replace the battery cable assembly?