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  1. 4.6L Talk
    Well, it's finally time to inform the AFM community about my ongoing project(s). I browse these forums pretty frequently (this and an explorer forum are my homepages) and I occasionally make some posts when I get over-zealous. But now it's time for me to contribute, and hopefully make an...
  2. V6 Talk
    Hey everyone i want to take the time out to say thank you for hearing my call for help and I thank you in advance for your opinions and knowledge. I own a 2001 3.8 Mustang which is straight up stock. It has about 115,000 miles now. I have owned it for about 4 years or so. I have been trying to...
  3. V6 Tech
    im tired of my car getting bashed because of the lack of two cylinders i really want to make me car worthy of admiration while keeping it MY car i dont want to get a GT haha and i considering getting a supercharger or possibly dual turbo any opinions, and anything anybody can tell me about the...
1-3 of 3 Results