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  1. Classic Talk
    I have a 1964 1/2 Mustang with a three speed manual Toploader transmission. I would like to keep the transmission. I have a '66 289 engine with the six bolt bell housing pattern. Is there a bell housing that would fit directly? Or do I need an adapter?
  2. Classic Talk
    I am looking for the lower bell housing/flywheel cover for a 1966 200 CID w/ 3 speed manual transmission. I think the transmission is a Model 2.77. I have searched all the usual parts stores as well as and eBay but no luck. Any suggestions on where I might find one?
  3. 2.3L Talk
    I need an AOD transmission that would fit a 2.3L 1986 mustang. I have one that fits a 5.0 but it is not the same bell housing. If anybody knows a list of AOD transmissions that would fit it please post. Thank you.
  4. SVT Cobra Tech
    I have a 2001 Cobra that has a knocking sound which seems to be coming from the bell housing/back of motor after a few minutes of the car warming up. The knocking gets faster with increased RPM. I thought it might be from the clutch and took the transmission out. I replaced the throw out...
  5. Mustang II Tech
    I'm having trouble getting the stock transmission dipstick tube to work on my mustang II. The transmission is a later model c4 but i have custom headers which causes the stock one to not fit (i have the mustang II v8 bell housing). I've looked at some flexible dipstick tubes but they are push...
1-5 of 5 Results