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  1. 1995 V6, bleeding ABS brakes

    V6 Tech
    My 1995 V6 has a leak on one of the steel brake lines that run across at the front end. I figured I'd replace all 3 of those lines. It has ABS. Haynes says this: "The HCU on an ABS system can not be bled without a very expensive tool." Two of the lines go from the Brake Pressure Control Valve to...
  2. Mushy, slow returning brake pedal! Please help!

    Classic Tech
    about a year ago i replaced my passenger side shock tower because it was cracked up the side. in doing this i had to disconnect the brake line that runs to the passenger caliper on my front power disk brake system on my 68 coupe. i forgot to reconnect this line after i installed the shock tower...
  3. Break line leaking at banjo bolt, need suggestions

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, I have a 1997 GT and recently I started to hear grinding noises from my back breaks (skipped squealing and went straight to grinding). I assumed it was simply my break pads needing replaced but when I pulled the wheel off on the passenger side I noticed that the roter had only been...
  4. ABS Scanner remtals?

    4.6L Talk
    I had to repalce the rear brake calipers, does anyone have any suggestions on where to rent a scanner so I can bleed the air out of the ABS?
  5. 1999 mustang GT. Need help with power steering and a loud drivers door

    4.6L Tech
    I do not know very much about cars and i could use some help. First my driver-side door seems like it is falling apart. It shakes a good amount and when closing and opening the window i hear rattling and weird noises. The window seems to slam up when closing. Also if i close the window with...
  6. Help 1968 coupe brake problems

    Classic Tech
    Ok my brakes still dont work after replacing... -shoes -wheel cylinders -springs -master cylinder Ive bled the s*** out of them and i have no brakes @ all. I just replaced the master cylinder tonight and i bled everything and i have no brakes. Can i still have air trapped in the system...