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  1. V6 Talk
    i have a red 96 mustang and looking for a body kit if you have one please post pictures so i can see what yours looks like Thanks =)
  2. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I am interested in getting an Eleanor kit for my 09 GT over timebut for now im starting with the front bumper. Does anyone know if i can use the oem fog lamps in the new bumper? If not, where can i buy them and the lower grill? Kit: DURAFLEX® - Eleanor Body Kit - 2009 Ford Mustang Body Kit
  3. V6 Talk
    Where can I find this hood? I have looked at ebay and amazon and cannot locate an origin. I live in Texas if it matters
  4. 4.6L Talk
    I am planning on attempting something some may cansider blasphemic and an outrage!! But I was looking for thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and possible pointers from the masses! I am attemption to transform my 03 GT into a 2000 Cobra R/Roush One Off Replica!? Confusing I know! My plan is to take...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello Community, I was directed to make an introduction. I own a 2005 Ford Mustang GT stock, for now. My goal is to make my mustang unique, and to do that I plan on picking selected body parts from different body kits. I dont fully like 1 body kit only certain aspects. However, before I do all...
  6. 4.6L Talk
    i have a 2000 GT(black) and i wanted to look for a new body style... i was also looking to purchase some deep dish bullit rims to go with a different body 18x9 and 18x10.5 rear any ideas?
  7. 5.0L Tech
    Ive got a 1990 lx and i want to either buy a body kit online or go to a scrap yard and get a body kit from a gt. Would i be able to bolt the new kit right on or will there be anything i need to buy or complications? and any body kits you find on the internet that arent outragiously priced you...
  8. V6 Talk
    Im almost afraid to post this thread. I know it will cause some disagreements and arguments. I hope no one is really offeded by it though. I just want to show how if the wrong person gets their hands on a mustang, how awful that it can turn out. I got nothing against customization, its just that...
  9. 5.0L Talk
    I have a 2.3L Mustang LX convertible. I am dropping a 5.0L in there this summer. Now the style of racing i like is drag racing. I have been asking around for a couple of years and I have not gotten a straight answer. Which is better? Twin-Turbo or a Super Charger? Here's the catch. I want my car...
1-9 of 9 Results