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  1. 1996 door panels

    V6 Talk
    i have a red 96 mustang and looking for a body kit if you have one please post pictures so i can see what yours looks like Thanks =)
  2. Eleanor Kit Questions

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I am interested in getting an Eleanor kit for my 09 GT over timebut for now im starting with the front bumper. Does anyone know if i can use the oem fog lamps in the new bumper? If not, where can i buy them and the lower grill? Kit: DURAFLEX® - Eleanor Body Kit - 2009 Ford Mustang Body Kit
  3. Where can I buy this Hood?

    V6 Talk
    Where can I find this hood? I have looked at ebay and amazon and cannot locate an origin. I live in Texas if it matters
  4. Project Replica/Hybrid

    4.6L Talk
    I am planning on attempting something some may cansider blasphemic and an outrage!! But I was looking for thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and possible pointers from the masses! I am attemption to transform my 03 GT into a 2000 Cobra R/Roush One Off Replica!? Confusing I know! My plan is to take...
  5. Introduction to forum ,2005 Mustang GT

    Hello Community, I was directed to make an introduction. I own a 2005 Ford Mustang GT stock, for now. My goal is to make my mustang unique, and to do that I plan on picking selected body parts from different body kits. I dont fully like 1 body kit only certain aspects. However, before I do all...
  6. looking around need some help

    4.6L Talk
    i have a 2000 GT(black) and i wanted to look for a new body style... i was also looking to purchase some deep dish bullit rims to go with a different body 18x9 and 18x10.5 rear any ideas?
  7. Will GT body kit swap work on 1990 Mustang LX?

    5.0L Tech
    Ive got a 1990 lx and i want to either buy a body kit online or go to a scrap yard and get a body kit from a gt. Would i be able to bolt the new kit right on or will there be anything i need to buy or complications? and any body kits you find on the internet that arent outragiously priced you...
  8. Ugly Mustang Contest

    V6 Talk
    Im almost afraid to post this thread. I know it will cause some disagreements and arguments. I hope no one is really offeded by it though. I just want to show how if the wrong person gets their hands on a mustang, how awful that it can turn out. I got nothing against customization, its just that...
  9. 5.0L: What's better Super or turbo?

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 2.3L Mustang LX convertible. I am dropping a 5.0L in there this summer. Now the style of racing i like is drag racing. I have been asking around for a couple of years and I have not gotten a straight answer. Which is better? Twin-Turbo or a Super Charger? Here's the catch. I want my car...