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  1. Got in an accident: I have a question!

    Classic Talk
    Okay so today I was at a stop light and the guy in front of me reversed into the front of my hood fairly slow as he made room for pedestrians crossing. He dented a part of the front of the hood. He didn't want to involve the cops because he said he had two beers, and didn't want to deal with...
  2. 1968 Mustang Sanding

    Classic Tech
    Alright, so I've gotten the whole car in epoxy primer and my panels were rather wavy so I covered the whole thing in slick sand to help with the sanding. I laid 2 costs of epoxy primer and 2 coats of slick sand on this trunk. I guide coated the whole thing and I have these great areas next to...
  3. Miscellaneous Body Filler Questions

    Classic Tech
    Hey, posted a few weeks ago. Started doing the work and need some advice. In the pic attached, on the body filler that I have sanded down with 80 grit after being laid then sanded smooth with the rest of the panel 150 grit. Does it look right? The panel feels smooth but I'm still skeptical if I...
  4. Body Work

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey total noob on body work. Got a few miscellaneous questions for you guys. I've tried using the search function but haven't quite found what I needed. 1. How do you keep panels rust free/water free during sanding? I'm doing all my body work in a make shift garage outside (harbor freight) and...
  5. Shop for help with 1965 RestoMod in Bay Area

    Classic Talk
    I looked through the forum for suggestions on a good shop in the Bay Area to do some body work (fiberglass, rust, etc) on my 1965 project, but didn't see any recent posts. Anyone have recommendations? Thanks!
  6. Small dent. Guide me the right way!

    Mustang Tech
    It appears at some point yesterday someone smashed their door into mine and put a ding. Its honestly small and not a big deal but its driving me crazy I was told theirs no point in trying bondo I can paint the scuff but the dent will still be there and I dont trust a 20 dollar pops a dent! What...
  7. LX front end restoration

    5.0L Tech
    well, I got the front of my car tore down to the inner fenders and I found that there is some damage to the radiator support, inner fender aprons, and to the sections to the rear of the strut towers. Its minor damage but just enough to throw the hood and fender/door alignment off a little...
  8. "I hit a deer" continued.. time for paint. Opinion?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Okay so some of you might have seen my previous post when I hit a deer. I have my GT bumper, my hood (luckily found a redfire one for $60 before I even had the crash), and my replacement fender, so I'm ready for repaint. I was just thinking of painting my bumper and fender, but to get ONE quart...
  9. New To This Community,Needing advice on this 1966 Pony

    Classic Talk
    Hello Fellow Cruisers,I am new here,and Will purchase a 1966 Mustang Coupe,She drives,Handles very good.Has a few paint bubbles under her door,and Fenders,Back Fenders. 240 straight 6 ,4 speed manual shift,90% original,has a am/fm/cd in glove box,But the original am radio is there.Has Moderate "...
  10. Shaved door handles

    4.6L Tech
    I need some advice on shaving my door handles on my 03 gt. what material would be best for making a blank and is there easier ways of doing it than others if so what are them
  11. bare shell resto for 69 mach 1

    4.6L Talk
    I messed up on my last thread. I am looking for a full body not the frame due to the car is a bare shell resto project. I have a 69 mach 1 with the original 390 and trans. the car is completly rusted out and many of the bolds just snap off. However, the engine still runs well and has 37,000...
  12. 1998 Mustang Coupe replace piece over back quarter windows

    hi, i have a 1998 mustang. needs a little bit of body work done to it. the body pieces over the back quarter windows need replaced but im not sure how to do that.... Any suggestions??? anything would help. thanks
  13. 1965 Mustang Cross Measuring engine compartment

    Classic Tech
    I'm looking for cross measurements on the engine compartment on early Mustangs that are in good body shape. I cross measured from the passenger side were the cowl meets the apron extension to the front and got 55 1/2" and 56 1/4" from the driver side to the front. I also measured 41 1/2" from...
  14. 1968 Mustang-Replacing entire rear clip

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, I have a 68 coupe and after finding both rear panels and the tailight panel to be 60% bondo I went ahead and just bought some restoration panels. Basically, in what order/how would you install these three? I bow down to your limitless knowledge....:worship
  15. 1988 mustang gt wiper gille panel

    5.0L Tech
    ok long story short today i pulled out my car for the first time this year and im currently doing body work. well today when for a drive the hood opened up and bent the metal part under the wiper grille. i am unsure what it is called but its between the hood and the windshield i need help on...
  16. Body shop warning

    Classic Talk
    I just got my 1966 mustang back from Artisan Auto Body in Manassas park VA. What ever you do dont take your car there. I went in for a restoration project in April of 2008. I was going in for a repaint and new chrome. We were going to keep it the same color. The project went fast at first...
  17. Paint/Body work recommendation

    Classic Tech
    I live in Palo Alto, Ca and have a 1966 coupe that I'd like to get repainted. I don't need any major bodywork but need to have some previous repair work redone. I plan to pull all the chrome, bumpers, lights etc and then drop it off and when complete put it all back the hopes to...
  18. Paint in CA Bay Area

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I have a 1966 C-code coupe that needs paint and previous bondo work touched up. I plan on doing most of the tear down prep work myself but need help with fender, door, hood, trunk alignment, install windsheild/back window etc. Can you recommend a shop here in the Bay Area of CA? I'm...
  19. fiberglass hoods

    5.0L Talk
    my Hood flew upon my 90 fox. It did some damage but it can be fixed but my question is would a fiberglass hood come with the latch hardware and how hard is the installation on some thing like that and were would be a good place to purchase it.
  20. San Francisco/mechanics

    5.0L Talk
    :1993 5.0 Mustang Coupe: I live in San Francisco and I'm looking for suggestions for a good mechanic and car shops to have my car worked on. Back Disc Brake installation Dyno Tunning Engine Work Paint and Body Work Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.