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  1. Classic Tech
    I am installing a brake booster into my 1968 Coupe. I've seen people who put in a longer pedal which I'm guessing is for more leverage? I do have a manual tranny so do I need to put in the longer pedal? What does it affect?
  2. Classic Tech
    has anyone purchased anything from " gpsauto2010 " on ebay? Im looking for a good booster / cylinder that looks good as well. What are your thoughts on this guy or other recommendations? 68 mustang 302 v8 automatic front disc rear drum 1967 68 67 Mustang Chrome Brake Booster Free Power Pedal...
  3. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Hi guys, i just aquired a '66 289 coupe that the previous owner had a disk conversion done to the front. Problem is that it a 'BEAR' to stop. My other '65 with standard drum brakes is much easier to stop. Does anyone know if going to a P/B booster would make that much of an improvement on the...
  4. Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, 1966 coupe with a 289 and c4 transmission. Currently my 289 is mostly stock but upgrades are coming soon. I'm planning on getting an Edelbrock top end kit (#2027) with new heads, cam, lifters, intake, etc. I also want to install some Pertronix ceramic coated Tri-Y headers...
  5. Classic Tech
    I'm planning on upgrading from a C4 to a T5 in my '67 with a 302. I want to eventually upgrade to power brakes and disc brakes as well. I'm wondering what upgrades I should do all at once. For example, can I put in the transmission, clutch and clutch pedal and put in a power brake pedal without...
  6. Classic Tech
    Hi! Some times ago i replased my drum brakes with new disc brake kits. Front is Willwood (link) and rear is SSBC (link) Now, I feel that the brakes really can stop my stang, but brake pedal is too hard. Please advice parts to solve this problem!
1-6 of 7 Results