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  1. 4 cylinder T5 in 5.0 problems.

    Classic Tech
    I put a 4 cylinder T5 in my 1986 Mustang GT and it has all the light to light power in the world but I tried to take it on the highway for the first time and I was in 5th gear at 3500 rpms and I was barley going 55. What can I do to get longer gears to go on the highway but still keep my low end...
  2. 1985 convertible standard vs. automatic identification. Need help please!!

    5.0L Talk
    I am trying to finish the restoration of my 85 GT convertible but when I went to install the shift boot (5 speed), the holes aren't even close to lining up with the holes in the tunnel. I purchased this car used without much history and I was wondering if it used to have an automatic...
  3. World Class T5 question

    5.0L Tech
    I just found a guy selling a t5 tranny on craigslist he bought it for his firebird but he said it had a ford bolt pattern on it. i know they used the t5s is tons of different makes and models but would i be able to get this transmission and put it in my 88 5.0? his ad . . . -------- T5...
  4. T5 transmission date code decoder

    5.0L Tech
    I've been surfing the net for about an hour now trying to find some info on a T5 I picked up off of Craigslist. The tag on the transmission reads: E6ZR-7003-FB; REP-ATI; 13-52-169; 151428E0982 Here is what I've found so far E6ZR-7003-FB = Late 86' - mid 89' 5.0L World Class T5 REP-ATI = ...
  5. Speedometer Drive gear for BW t-10

    Classic Tech
    Any ideas as to where I can buy a speedometer drive gear for a Borg Warner T-10? I have a Borg Warner T-10 4 speed transmission that I couldn't get the speedometer to work with. I took the transmission out and apart and found that the speedometer drive gear in the transmission has most of the...