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brake booster

  1. POS brake booster will not come out!

    4.6L Tech
    Brake booster will not come out; hits strut tower! Hi all. I've found two other threads on this exact issue and no answers. I need to remove the brake master cylinder and booster from my '96 Cobra. No way will the bolts on this thing clear the firewall, because the front of the booster hits...
  2. Master cylinder pressure

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, 66 Mustang coupe, 289/auto, factory disc brakes up front, rear drums. So I've had the car fully up on jack stands for 3 or 4 months doing some work to the rear and suspension, but haven't touched the braking system at all. Finally got finished everything I was working on, lowered...
  3. Disk Brake Issues

    Classic Tech
    Hello all, I just got my motor up and running and ready to drive and what do ya know, the brakes don't work. They have been an issue for awhile. I have 4 wheel disks and the pedal is very spongy(takes 4-5 pumps to get them to grab). I have had one shop tell me I need a booster and another...
  4. 1983 Mecury Capri brake booster?

    5.0L Tech
    Hello, I recently installed a re-manufactured brake booster and master cylinder on my 83 Capri due to the old one being full of rust and old brake fluid. OK, so I have been driving around for a few weeks now and I had to take the vacuum hose loose from the booster, so I sucked on the hose to the...
  5. 1997 Mustang GT power steering failure

    V6 Tech
    So I start my car this morning and when I cut the wheel to get out of my parking spot, my steering wheel got really tight and my brake pedal started vibrating. I also heard a whine from what sounded like the right side of the engine compartment. I get out and there's fluid all over my front...
  6. 1972 mustang master cylinder removal

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I am the new owner of a 72 fastback. Need to replace master cylinder, do i need to disconnect anything from the brake pedal? I have not received a manual yet and the more I look up online the more confused I get. Please help me!
  7. 1966 power brake booster problem

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, So I bought a disc brake setup that a guy had bought from MustangsUnlimited. I'm not sure where he got the dual bowl master cylinder or brake booster, but they appear used. I got the booster/MC hooked up to my car but the lines kept pumping out air no matter how much we bled them...
  8. 1966 mustang brake booster?

    Classic Tech
    i have a 1966 mustang coupe 6 cyl. 200 cubic inch engine and i was wondering where can i buy a brake booster specfically for this car? or put one from a newer car that may work?
  9. Brake booster install on 1998 Mustang gt

    4.6L Tech
    Hey everyone, I'm new and I've been wanting to join for awhile just never got around to it. Well I have a 98 gt 4.6. Owned it for about two years and I love it! Im needing to change my brake booster because of an o-ring leak I'm guessing. Just thought I'd post this as a good starting post. I...