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  1. V6 Tech
    I'm having problems with my 2004 v6 automatic mustang. Driving to work I lost Mt cruise control, then my sash lights. My left turn signal makes my 4 ways come on and my odometer flash with the signal. No brake lights no marker lights. Fuses were blown but replaced all. Turn headlights on all...
  2. V6 Tech
    hello i have a 2000 ford mustang. the red wire om the picture below heats up and disconnects. my brake light then stops working and i have to reattach the wire. after a week or so the wire heats up again and i have to do it again and again. any ideas why the wire does this and how can i fix it...
  3. Classic Tech
    65 200Ci inline Mustang. i have this issue my right bake light dose not come on when the pedal is depressed. but when my left turn signal is engaed it will then illuminate, i do not have wiring schmatics yet but i wanted to hit the forums here and ask around if anyone has has a similar issue.
  4. Classic Tech
    Just wondering what the problem could be I just got my 66 back from the body shop and the brake lights and right blinker dont work.
  5. Classic Tech
    im having trouble fixing this problem my brake light wont go on when i step on the brake or when i turn my left turn signal every single light works exept the left turn signal in the rear. it turns on but does not blink when steppin on the brake for both rear lights. but the right side in the...
  6. Classic Tech
    Ahoy all! First post here, thanks for being here! I just got a 1966 Mustang Coupe 6 cyl. Both tail lights illuminate when I turn on the headlights. However, only the left tail light gets brighter when I press the brake... The right light just stays at the idle illumination level. I replaced...
  7. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi there, I just bought a 2008 mustang and I have a problem with my brake lights. When the car is on Parking the brake lights work perfect but when I move the shift to R, N, or D the tail lights stop working causing a problem when I am driving, nobody notices when I am stopping. Can someone...
  8. Classic Tech
    I have a 67 mustang, I have a problem with my left turn signal coming on by itself sometimes when I hit a bump, etc. This has caused my left brake light to stop working because the lever won't return completely re-enabling the brake light to work. I think it might be a spring inside of the...
  9. Classic Tech
    Ok so here's whats going i tried looking around here to see if anyone has ever had a problem but doesn't look like it. First i have all new wire harness all around the car everything is new ford factory style. I have a grant steering wheel, new turn signal switch, new headlight switch, new...
  10. Classic Tech
    65 mustang with volt gauge bouncing all over the place and fluctuating lights? Regulator ? bad ground? Also Passenger side brake light not working? Any suggestions? replace regulator?
  11. Classic Tech
    i recently installed a power brake conversion kit and cant figure out how the brake light switch goes back on to the pedal pin. It seems like it would never work because the switch seems to move with the whole pedal assembaly. Can anybody help me with how i could install the switch.
1-11 of 11 Results