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brake lights

  1. Water coming from under glove box after heavy rain and messing up electical ... help?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    California's had a lot of rain in the last few weeks but today topped it off by messing with my electrical system. rain.gif I noticed after the rain that the passenger side brake light stays on (even if the car is off and the light switch in set to off). After turning the car on and driving to...
  2. 2003 Mustang GT - Brake Light and Signals Issues

    4.6L Tech
    Hello All! Newbie to forum, this is my second mustang. Got a few issues with my 2003 GT and was wondering if they could all be related (seems to be all lights/electrical) or if one or two is separate. Brake Lights not working (all 3, left right center) Backup Lights not Working Turn Signals...
  3. Why the #$%#* are my brake lights still on?

    Classic Tech
    Has anyone had their brake lights stay constantly on as soon as they hook the battery up? I'm just getting my car ready for the spring and when I hooked up the battery the brake lights went on with no key in it and no ignition turned on. Appling the brakes makes no difference in the...
  4. 98 Blacked Out Tail Lights?

    V6 Talk
    So i'm buying these blacked out tail lights from this guy for only $25. I went ahead and decided to buy LEDs for them too since I've heard it would be hard to see with the stock light bulbs. But my question is will other drivers be able to see my brake lights when I go to stop even with the LEDs?
  5. 1966 Mustang - Tail lights work but right side doesn't get bright when pressing brake

    Classic Tech
    Ahoy all! First post here, thanks for being here! I just got a 1966 Mustang Coupe 6 cyl. Both tail lights illuminate when I turn on the headlights. However, only the left tail light gets brighter when I press the brake... The right light just stays at the idle illumination level. I replaced...
  6. 1965 Mustang brakes lights only sometimes work. Brake switch bad or adjustment?

    Classic Tech
    Hello, on my 1965 Mustang (with non power disc brakes) my taillights, and turn signals both operate normal. But my brake lights during all circumstances only work sometimes, no matter how far or how hard I depress the brake pedal. Is there anyway the the brake light switch needs adjustment or...
  7. 1998 Mustang Brake and Front Blinker Lamps won't turn off! I've got a ghost!

    V6 Tech
    I drove up to Austin from Houston Tuesday night. In ATX there was a hard freeze with temps in the 20's. I woke up to find ice on my car but she started up just fine. Drove to the store. Turned her off - no issues. Came back out - started up like a champ yet again. Got back to where I was staying...
  8. Pony lost her brake lights.

    V6 Tech
    I am currently at a standstill because I can't figure out how or why I lost all my break light on my 2003 V-6 3.8L Pony. So far I have done the following. Checked fuse (good), checked brake switch on brake pedal( voltage good, continuity good, taillights all working, turn signal working, just no...
  9. 1966 Mustang Fastback Dashboard/Brake Lights Electrical Issue, HELP!

    Classic Tech
    Recently my '66 Fastback has been having some issues with the dashboard and brake lights. When I turn on my headlights at night, all goes well for an indefinite amount of time, until at some point the dashboard goes dark (including dash and radio, but not cigarette lighter) and the brake...
  10. blinkers hazards and brake lights are not working???

    V6 Tech
    My blinkers and hazards and back brake lights(top one by my spoiler works) aren't working. I was driving home the other night and i was using my blinkers and i went to put my hazards on and nothing happened. I tried to use my blinker again and then they no longer worked either. I checked my...
  11. 1990 Mustang LX convertible Brake Lights? white/pink stripe wire shorted?

    5.0L Tech
    I am a beginner when it comes to car repairs and am learning alot quickly. With advice from a friend who knows more then I about cars I recently removed the 5.0 engine and t5 transmission from my 90' vert with a rough body and put it into a 1990 vert that I bought cheap with very good body but...
  12. 1966 Mustang Coupe Turn Signals and Brake Light Issues

    Classic Tech
    Heh, hey guys back again with some more problems and lookin for solutions. Well I ran across an issue with my turn signals and my brake lights. When I first took the car into possession the right turn signal didn't work but the left did. Now neither work! The headlights work well, both hi's and...
  13. 1988 Mustang Electrical Issues, doesnt want to stay put

    5.0L Talk
    Okay fellas, a few gauge issues here: 1st - Speedometer, it works but it doesn't. Start from a dead stop it just jumps around in between 0-45. At about 45mph is sticks and works properly? Also, it isn't correct, how do you go about setting it up for the correct speed? Keep in mind, the front...
  14. Brake light, tail light help

    Classic Tech
    My blinkers work on my tail lights, but do not come on with headlights or when brakes applied, does any on know what this might be.
  15. 1968 mustang tail light issue.

    Classic Tech
    my 68 mustang has an annoying taillight issue. if my lights are off everything works as it should except for the fact that the drivers side brake light is a little dimmer than the passenger side. However, when the lights are on everything works until the brakes are applied. Then the drivers...
  16. 2005 v6 tailight problem please help

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey everyon, im hoping someone can help me. Ok so the problem is my tailights are working but brake light..thats where the problem lies. When i push the brake only the outer colum works on passenger side and two outer colums work on driver side but all lights work when lights are on just not the...
  17. New, having problems witha 67 mustang tail lights

    Classic Talk
    hi there, im new to the mustang and my tail lights dont work, they were working a day ago, no night lights or brake lights, headlights work, turn signals work. but not the tail lights, i dont see power coming to the brake light switch so im lost, i dont know where the power is coming from...
  18. 1989 turn signal and brake issues

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, I'm new here and i need some help... Just picked up a new 1989 LX 5.0 for a great deal, but i have encountered a few little electrical problems with the lights. Brake lights dont work, checked the fuse panel and no fuse...ok... replaced the fuse and it pops... no apparent shorts in...
  19. 2005 V6 Brake light problem

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi all i have a 2005 V6 and the brake lights have all stopped working, i still have power going to the switch on the pedal and from it when the pedal is pressed but it is not getting any power to the back?? i have checked all the fuses more than once and cant even find the fuse relevent to the...
  20. Brake light issue, just replaced switch - 71 Mach 1

    Classic Tech
    Both my brakes lights stay on continuously, even after I turn the car off and walk away. I assumed this was a brake switch problem, but just put a new one in and it's still there. It used to be only the driver side, but now it is both sides. I have to disconnect the battery now to avoid drain on...