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brake problems

  1. 1968 power disc brake distribution block / proportioning valve

    Classic Tech
    I am in the process of replacing my power brake booster because of a hard brake pedal and unit is not holding a vacuum. When I start the car the brake light on the dash comes on and then goes off indicating that the valve in the distribution block is centered. The distribution block is the...
  2. 1966 braking problem help!

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, My 66 coupe has a 289 v8 and c4 trans. It originally had manual drums all around. Since then, I've rebuild the rear end including all new brake hardware and wheel cylinders. The front has a disc brake conversion kit on it with the 4-piston kelsey-hayes calipers, etc. The master...
  3. 1991 mustang coupe brake problems

    2.3L Tech
    i have a 1991 ford mustang coupe 4cyl and i did the v8 swap in it. heres my problem i did the v8 brakes on the car -new master cylinder -brake calipers -brakes -brake lines -proportioning valve when i bleed the brakes (witch i have done 20 plus times) the brakes lose pressure after two minutes...
  4. my first problem....:(

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    my right rear caliper is sticking and is squeezing the rotor when the brakes are not applied. i can smell it when i get out of the car after only 3-5 minutes on the road. i can feel the heat around the entire right rear wheel and the left rear is cold. what do i do about this?
  5. 1970 mustang brakes lock up..

    Classic Tech
    I know this sounds stupid. but i resently purchased a 70 mach 1 with no drive train. I put a 351w and and fmx , which is what it came with.. Car also had front disk brakes , so i changed calipers, pad ,rotors in the front. THen chang compete syetem in rear shoes , hardware, wheel cylinders...
  6. 1965 Mustang master cylinder leaks

    Classic Tech
    Hi all. I have a 1965 mustang convertible in my shop. It has OE front disk rear drum set up. It had lost its brake pedal because the fluid had leaked out of the master cylinder. The owner said it was a fairly new master but the only leak I can find is at the back of the piston. It is leaking...
  7. 2000 Mustang GT belt squeak

    4.6L Tech
    i got a 2000 mustang gt with a little over 95k miles on it about a month ago i heard a squeal coming from the belt area but when away as i drove and recently it the squeal got louder but then went away as i drove on and i just wanna kno what might be causing this problem please help! oh and also...