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  1. 1969 Mustang fresh disc brakes are not braking hard

    Classic Tech
    I just finished installing disc brakes all around my 69 coupe. I had a mechanic run the lines and set up the master/booster and valves (he pressure tested). However, when i drive the car the pedal is soft and it doesnt brake hard enough when i put my foot in it. i bled the brakes and it got...
  2. Upgrading my 67 i6, Keep my 4-lug or go 5-lug for Disk brakes

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67, i6 with the standard 4-lugs, I found a few disk brake conversions for this type of brakes, that way I maintain my rear differential and just upgrade. Now I've seen my rear brake upgrade to be more expensive than my front ones. Front brakes as good as 525 and rear goes for about 750...
  3. 1986 Mustang Brake Problem

    5.0L Tech
    Up until recently i havent been doing my own werk on my mustang (because living at home always have the old man around). I have an 86 t-roof standard 5.0 cobra ho and it feels as thou my brakes are on. Normally wen i park at werk to get the gate i ahve to shut my vehicle off but today it didnt...
  4. 1991 Lincoln Mark VII brake booster issues. I've got a hard pedal, please help!

    5.0L Tech
    Ok everyone I've got a 19991 lincoln mark vii. As most of you probably know it's got the 5.0L engine, just the same as the mustangs. Now I've got an issue with the brake system, a hard pedal. The mark vii does not have a master cylinder or a brake booster is has something called a brake...