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  1. V6 Tech
    Happy New Years everyone! There's a couple of problems I wanted to ask about regarding my 2003 convertible. I have looked at other posts here which have cleared up what are some issues with my car, but there are still problems that I don't have a solution for and I'd rather try to fix them...
  2. 2015+ 2.3L (i4) EcoBoost Talk
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to information about car maintenance in general. I've had my 2017 Ecoboost Mustang with Performance Package for four years now and it has about 9300 miles on it. I feel that it's time to change the brake pads and anything else that's needed. The car is...
  3. 2011-2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Took my 2012 V6 Mustang to the shop to lube my front caliper... They alerted me to some major leakage in my rear passenger brake... I try to fix everything myself (even though I have no idea what I'm doing) so I started going down the list, checking for loose bolts, broken lines etc... I had one...
  4. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So I have a 2007 Mustang Gt Convertible and I'm having an issue with my tail lights. When braking or signaling, the left innermost light does not work, but if the headlights are on all of the rear running lights work just fine. Is this a wiring issue? Obviously the bulb is fine so I don't even...
  5. V6 Tech
    Hello, Could someone please tell me the correct size of the front & rear brake bleeder screws on my 2004 3.9l V6 Mustang? I searched the forum and online but found multiple values... Thanks
  6. Classic Tech
    Hi, My Name is Matt Pike, Im from Adelaide , South Australia. I have a 66 coupe , 289 auto, and have aquired a disc brake and booster kit second hand. I have two issues. 1) I think i have bought a booster for a manual car as it has Linkages at the pedal end and doesnt look like it will fit...
  7. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey this is my first time using this forum and i am about to buy a set of gt brake set off this guy who just bought a set of brembos for his gt and now hes selling them to me. Before i buy them off him i was wondering if they will be a direct fit to my mustang? Would i need to do any mods? I...
  8. Classic Tech
    I have a 1965 mustang and i am replacing the brake line that runs from the engine bay to the rear. There are clips on the brake line underneath the car and there is no bolt to take them off and I don't know how to get them. Please help thank you
  9. 2011-2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I have a 2013 GT and am having noise from my rear driver side tire area and I don't know what it is. I have about 7500 miles and the noise started out of no where. There is a squeaking noise that comes and goes. When I go around a corner it gets louder and when I step on the brakes it...
  10. 4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT (auto)... The parking brake works and the warning light comes on, after pulling up many times on it (the only way the top will go up/down). How could i fix this? Any idea on the problem? Thanks
  11. V6 Tech
    After noticing excessive brake dust on the front right wheel, I checked for frozen caliper by rotating front wheels while raising the car on jack. The front wheel did not move freely while the other one did. So I changed the caliper on that side and also replaced brakes and rotors on both front...
  12. V6 Tech
    Alright so my rear driver side brake will not stop squeaking. I did a rear end swap not long ago as background info. Now the squeal only happens at a certain time it starts when i start applying pressure to the brake and will stop when the brake is fully pressed. Once you take off from a stop...
  13. Classic Talk
    My new 9" rear with disc brakes is using a 10mm fitting on the caliper for the brake hose to attach to it. I would like to use the stock brake hoses for the 1968 mustang. Is there an adapter that the brake hose attaches to and then will attach to the 10mm fitting on the caliper?
  14. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Hello Mustang Forums! I own a 1966 v6 Mustang and after a drum brake scare yesterday (had a lot of trouble slowing down on the freeway... but I'm alive!) I'm looking into doing a drum to disc brake conversion. I talked to my normal mechanic (shout out to Mustang Brother's in San Bruno, CA)...
  15. SVT Cobra Tech
    My right rear break squeaks unless I'm on the brakes. It's not a constant squeak its a "squeak squeak squeak squeak" type of squeak. If that makes sense... It speeds up with vehicle speed and slows when I slow down without touching the brakes. I'm going to take the wheel off and look around but...
  16. Classic Talk
    I have just converted the 68 brakes, front drum to disc. One steel rim- stamped with a ford emblem & 8 M fit perfectly. The other side has steel rim has a ford emblem & 7 stamped. The 7 side rubs the brake caliper. Any help in understand the 8 vs 7 would help so that I can purchase the...
  17. Classic Tech
    Hi, I am the new owner of a 72 fastback. Need to replace master cylinder, do i need to disconnect anything from the brake pedal? I have not received a manual yet and the more I look up online the more confused I get. Please help me!
  18. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So I was wondering if any of you notice at high speeds (70 obo.) your stang 1) seems to lack a bit of braking power 2) feels like the rotors are slightly grinding under braking. I was thinking about upgrading my fronts, but not spending a whole lot by a complete conversion (rotors, pads...
  19. Classic Tech
    Hey guys, my brake lights on my car iwll sometimes just randomly stop working. and then after a while theyll start working again. Not the bulbs, the wiring hasnt been touched. im just lost. any info?
  20. Classic Tech
    I am starting to put my dash back together and I ordered the Clutch bearing upgrade kit. Is there any other upgrades I can make to the Clutch or brake pedal assembly? I have a 289 3 speed. I had ACL surgery on my left knee, so a smooth and easyclutch is critical. Thanks for any advice.
1-20 of 73 Results