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  1. brake metering valve hose

    Classic Tech
    I have a 65 with drum brakes in the front and disc brakes in the rear. The other day while retrieving a stuck roomba from under the car I noticed what I believe is the metering valve on top of the rear axle. Two brake lines go into it and a a rubber hose comes off the top. Unfortunately for...
  2. Rear Brake / Caliper Issue

    Mustang S550 General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I have an issue but I am not 100 % sure what it is or what is causing it. Leaving work the other day I rolled my windows down because it was a nice out. I drive past the wall and garages, I hear this slow scraping sound (10-20 mph) reflecting off the wall about 3-5 feet away...
  3. Shaking while Braking Mystery Continues....

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    So, I own a 2010 Mustang V6 premium with 20 inch wheels. It has 75xxx miles on it and drives like a Champ. It is also my daily driver and over a period of time I have noticed an increase in the steering wheel shake while braking. Higher the speed I brake more the steering wheel shake it was. So...
  4. Why Your Regular Brake Pads Go South When Things Get Hot

    What's up with that tuned car in traffic beside me today? It's got a racing seat, sounds like a big turbo, and it's got some pretty serious aero bits. But the brakes are squealing like it hasn't seen service in 30 years. The owner of that fancy fast car wouldn't let their brakes get that bad...
  5. Faded DIY caliper paint. Repaint red or silvee?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Faded DIY caliper paint. Repaint red or silver? When I bought my car the stock brake calipers were painted red, and have faded over time. I'm indifferent to the red, so should I repaint them red or go with an OEM look and paint them silver?
  6. Brakes Hydro boost ABS Flushing Brake Lines

    4.6L Tech
    I'm new. My son picked up a 2000 Roush 4.6. Hydro boost was leaking power steering fluid. No other leaks. Brakes were working fine. Everything was unicorns and rainbows until I replaced the hydro boost. The brake pedal is on the floor. Won't rise up. Power steering bled and works fine. I bought...
  7. 2008 GT Spongey Brakes

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Has anyone had issues with a recurring spongey pedal? My car feels like it weighs 6000 lbs when pressing the brake pedal. The pedal felt spongey back in December so I bled the brakes using the 2 person method and about 24oz of motorcraft dot 3. Tons of air came out of the front lines, and none...
  8. Master cylinder pressure

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, 66 Mustang coupe, 289/auto, factory disc brakes up front, rear drums. So I've had the car fully up on jack stands for 3 or 4 months doing some work to the rear and suspension, but haven't touched the braking system at all. Finally got finished everything I was working on, lowered...
  9. 1966 Coupe Steering Question

    Classic Tech
    Howdy, I am a bit (actually a lot) confused about something. At the different parts sites, I see them differentiating between V8 steering and 6 cyl steering. I don't understand what the engine size has to do with the steering. I would think that they are independent. My 66 coupe project...
  10. Used Brembo Brake Condition

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys, I am currently in the process of buying Brembo takeoff brakes for my Mustang and was wondering if I could get some opinions on the condition of a set that I found. Thanks
  11. Painted my Calipers...Thoughts? W/Pics!!

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I painted one of my calipers so far, but plan to do all four. I used VHT high temp paint - super cleaned with brake cleaner, sand paper and alcohol. Painted twice with primer, three with red, and two with satin clear coat. Came out nice, was hard to put it back together without scraping the...
  12. Rear Brake Install

    V6 Tech
    After replacing both of my rear calipers, I got to thinking... Why on Earth is it so difficult to get the clips on the top of the rear pads up through the window on the caliper, and position everything properly in the bracket? I replace brakes multiple times a week, and service them almost...
  13. Dont Buy Hawk Brand Brake Pads for Your Mustang

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I purchased a set of HPS Hawk Brake Pads for my 2012 Ford Mustang GT as a performance upgrade. After some time I noticed warped rotors. I check the pads and some of the clips were missing. Then I received a new 2nd set under warranty and was ready to install new front brake pads and new rotors...
  14. brakes

    4.6L Tech
    I am going to need brake pads soon and I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for ceramic pads? I saw a kit on Rock Auto that had pads and cross drilled rotors, I think they were a little over 11 inches. Anyone had any experience with this product? Will the 11 inch rotros fit my 03 with 17"...
  15. Clunk/Thud noise from front end Right before complete stop

    4.6L Tech
    There is a clunk/thud noise coming from the front end right before I come to a complete stop. It only happens after I have been driving the car for awhile. I do have upgraded rotors and calipers on the front end. 13" rotors and calipers. I checked the calipers and they're not loose. I lifted the...
  16. What is that noise!

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Recently I started to notice this swooshing sound coming from the rear end at very low speeds. My best description of the sound is like, if my trunk was a giant fish tank that was half empty/full and is splashing around. haha. I read somewhere about the brakes being bad but I checked them and...
  17. Rear Brakes Squealing and Creaking!

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey guys The other day I notices my (I believe only rear) brakes are squealing and creaking .when coming to a stop. I am almost positive it isn't the suspension creaking, because when stopped on a flat road, when I bump the brakes it makes the creaking sound (no squealing), with ought the car...
  18. '13 Brembo Brake Pads

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    hello I have the premium brembo package and am wondering what pads should I get for my front? I was looking at these: StopTech Street Performance Mustang Brake Pads - Front 309.10010 (07-12 GT500; 12-13 Boss 302; 11-14 GT Brembo) - Free Shipping But I was hoping to find some hawk pads...
  19. Help identify my disc brakes on my 69

    Classic Tech
    hey guys can some one tell me where my disc brakes / brakes calipers (are form) what car and model? the spindle use a-17 bearings, because i need new pads for it. number on the caliper are 6324b and M1-RWN10 on pads it says umd91
  20. 1966 Mustang help with the brakes

    Classic Tech
    Ok When I'm driving my car and hit the brakes its like my car wants to slide while the wheels are locked to stop it? Could it be the brakes doing this?