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  1. Classic Tech
    My 1968 mustang 289 has after market valve covers, and the passenger side has the pvc system and the driver side has a breather cap on it. The breather cap is just one that you pop on with the two prongs that slide in. I am getting oil over the top of my valve cover. What could cause this? I...
  2. V6 Tech
    ok i got this breather filter from my friend the other day who happens to have a v6 mustang just like mine, and i have no idea how to install it. any help would be appreciated, thanks.:yelpleased:
  3. Classic Talk
    Please post pictures of original 1966 Mustang breather caps.
  4. Classic Tech
    Good Day Everyone, Long story short, what causes lots of oil to be expelled from the engine valve cover breather and oil dipstick tube while having decent compression and a working PCV? Vehicle: 1965 Mustang I6 200/3.3L Stock engine except for Duraspark Conversion Issue: At highway speeds...