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  1. Suspension questions, what to replace?

    V6 Tech
    Hello Bob, long time listener first time caller lol. I've done a lot of looking but couldn't seem to find quite the information I was looking for. I'm looking to redo my suspension I've settled on Koni Str.t struts, and was wondering what else to do, I've seen some things on bushings, and...
  2. polyurethane bushings or spherical bearings for panhard bar

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    which one is better and will last longer, spherical bearings or the polyurethane bushings or is there really a difference? 2012 5.0 stock suspension side note: may add lowering springs and new shocks/struts if that matters
  3. Loud Noise Upon Braking Hard At Slow Speeds, But Not The Brakes!

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello everybody, I have a 2007 Mustang V6 with around 67,000 miles. It has done its job ever since I bought it 2 and half years ago with 50,000 miles on the odometer. When I bought it, the first thing it needed was new brakes. I got brand new rotors, calipers, and pads, basically the whole...
  4. 2012 Suspension Question. Please Help

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    My 2012 has the problem with noisy bushings. If i were to purchase the Eibach Pro System Plus from would this fix the problem or no? If not what do i need to purchase that is AFTERMARKET to fix. Not buying any ford parts to replace from dealer. PLease help, it drives me crazy.
  5. Sway Bar Bushing Size?

    4.6L Tech
    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the Bushings on the Front Sway Bar? Mine are cracked and probably the originals.
  6. Upgrading to Boss 302 Suspension - question on install

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I just bought the springs, struts, shocks, rear sway bar, etc from a brand new Boss 302 owner that removed them immediately after delivery. I want to get my GT to handle as well as a stock Boss so I know I also need to replace some suspension bushings, but have no idea which ones I would need...
  7. New guy!

    5.0L Tech
    Hello! I grabbed a '91 5.0 LX convertible a few months ago and have gotten rid of all (I hope) of the rust in the trunk, passenger floor board and drip rail. I know its gone in those areas because I cut it all out and welded in new/used clean parts - now I am on to the interior... I have...
  8. lower controll arm bushings

    Drag Racing
    Happy new year everyone I am trying to loosen the front lower control arms on my 92 convertible I drag race it and drive it to me track (more track time) I have a tubular k member strange coilovers with stock control arms with urethane bushings control arms are tight. has any one tried...
  9. Rough/bumpy ride

    V6 Tech
    My car's been giving a very rough ride. I can feel the tiniest hole or bump on the road. The entire suspension system is stock and I've never replaced any of the suspension parts. I did the suspension test for struts by pushing down on all four corners of the car and the car would bounce back...
  10. suspension, steering re-build

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    my 1967 mustang coupe is ready for me to look at the suspension, front end etc. So far I have only replaced the rear shocks. Everything looks tired, bushings, ball joints etc. What should I do first? Do I need new springs front and back? I see some kits, like this: Laurel Mountain Mustang - 1967...
  11. 1965 C4 Automatic Shift Linkage Part Numbers?

    Classic Tech
    I've seen bits and pieces of this discussion over the years, but this is about the shift linkage rod that goes from the bottom of the selector lever to the C4 transmission itself. I need to find bushings for the linkage rod, and can't seem to find them anywhere. Not this: Mustangs Unlimited...
  12. 3.55 gears here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5.0L Talk
    so i found a good deal on a whole rear end with 3.55 gears for 150$:worship and im guna gets some control arms to go with it. i was thinking about summit 100 dollar ones (Summit Racing SUM-790000R - Summit Racing Street & Strip® Upper and Lower Control Arms - Overview - but...
  13. Di-Electric Grease or White Lithium Grease on Urethane Bushings

    Classic Tech
    I am replacing all the rear bushings with urethane bushings and want to use the best lubricant for long lasting lubrication and no squeek action. I have heard that Bi-electric Grease works very well and last long, and someone recommended liqiud wrench's white lithium grease spray (no melt...
  14. Replace Bushings, Strut rod and ball joint-1966 Mustang 289

    Classic Tech
    I have some wiggle on my drivers side tire, it's a 66 mustang 289 with PS. I was told to replace the strut rod and ball joint bushings . Anyone done this before and have any advice and or how to articles on how to do this myself. Please advise. THANK YOU