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  1. Looking to buy, says lean needs tune

    4.6L Tech
    Im going to go look at a 2000 mustang 4.6L tomorrow and was told that the car starts no problem and drives as well as will pass a safety inspection but doesnt recommend driving it because of the mods making it run lean without a tune. This doesnt seem right to me that the mods he has would make...
  2. Been looking to buy a Mustang

    4.6L Talk
    Hey! New to the forum! I've recently moved down to the Pheonix, Arizona area and I want a new car that looks nice but won't make me go broke. I've liked the look of the 96-04 Mustang GT's for awhile. Anyone have any suggestions to which sites I should look for dealers/what I should look out for...
  3. Help with a future buy!

    4.6L Talk
    Hello all, just joining this forum to get some extra input on a car i am looking at purchasing for my graduation gift. It is an 04 mustang gt. Here is the link, please let me know what you think! 2004 Ford Mustang GT Convertible for $14,000 in KITCHENER |
  4. 4000 dollar budget to buy a mustang

    4.6L Talk
    Okay so I am looking to buy my first mustang and I have a few questions: 1) is 4000 dollars good enough to get me a good mustang? 2) If i do find a car, what should I look for to make sure its going to be reliable? How many miles is too many miles? 3)What year mustangs are the best?
  5. Buying High Mileage 2007 Mustang Convertible?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hi, I have the opportunity to buy a 2007 black Mustang convertible for about $8000. It's in great shape, with no visible wear, and it runs great. The top seems to be in great shape as well. However, the car does have 110k miles. Normally I wouldn't buy a car with miles that high, but because the...
  6. Need Help! Buying First Mustang

    Hey everyone, so i guess ill start out by telling you a little bit about myself. I currently drive a 2004 F-150 Lariat that is somewhere above 350 hp. I have been looking into starting a project car/build for awhile now, but I don't wanna start from scratch or have to sink a ton of money in...
  7. Planning on Buying a Ford Probe

    V6 Talk
    Just like the title, im saving up and i would really like to buy a ford probe (93 - 97). i just like the whole 90's car tuner concept. personally the body style isn't bad imo. but i was just wondering on your guys opnions. now i know ill get alot of smack for even considering anything less then...
  8. Thoughts on buying a 67 stang

    Classic Talk
    I'm going up to look at a 67 mustang this weekend and wanted to see if anyone had any input. As far as info about it, it has a 302 out of an 86, fresh rebuild with Keith Black High Compression pistons, crane roller cam with 484 and 512 lift, crane lifters, stock rebuilt heads, weiand stealth...
  9. 1996 Mustang GTS

    Just saying hi hoping to meet some new people!! Im about to buy a 1996 GTS and Iv got a few questions i need answers to...
  10. 1965 Ford Mustang one cylinder carburetor?

    West Central
    Hello, I'm currently looking for a one barrel carburetor for my 1965 Ford Mustang,and I'm having an awful time trying to find one.:headscratch: I was wondering if anyone would have a website or a place that I could call to order one. If anyone has any ideas that would be wonderful. :bigthumbsup...
  11. maybe buying a 1988 Mustang GT carburated, good idea?

    5.0L Talk
    so im looking for a different 5.0 my 87 is just a little bit more of a project than i thought... so im looking for one that has some work done to it already... want it to be a street car this is one im looking at- 88 gt 5.0 super clean and straight, clean title cobra r rims 2.5" flowmasters...
  12. Help me decide on a Mustang 2010 (have some questions!)

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hi All, So...time has come for a new car as my Focus begins to be more trouble than it's worth (well, it's ALWAYS been trouble, but the warranty is about to end...) The "reasonable" or "Conservative" side of me wants to get an Impreza, a TSX....a get the idea - 4 door that can do...
  13. Need help, about to purchase 2003 Mustang GT

    4.6L Talk
    I am about to purchase a 2003 Mustang Gt with 60,000 miles on it from a dealership, I am new to mustangs and glad to get rid of my grand prix, but I would like to know what some common problems with the model are so I can check and possibly get the price of the greedy dealers down a few hundred...
  14. Im Buying GT40 or gt40p Heads in California

    5.0L Talk
    (sorry if im not allowed to post this here) so i need to buy some gt40 or gt40 p heads They must have the smog pump holes on the back no broker bolts no cracks no rust and they dont need to have the rocker arms because im looking for 1.7 or 1.72 if they have those even better i live in...