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  1. Classic Tech
    I have a C6 transmission. It was working fine a couple days ago. I go to put it in gear to day and the order of gears is reversed. When in park it is in park. When in reverse or neutral it is in drive. Drive and below are reverse. It is a column shift. What is causing the problem?
  2. Classic Tech
    I have a C6 transmission on my 1968 mustang and i jus had it rebuilt. i need to kno what kind of Fluid is the best to use for a fresh rebuilt transmission. Any info can help.
  3. 5.0L Tech
    ok guys im looking for some help i was just given a 390 with a c6 trans. i have a 91 originally a 2.3 with no trans that i found in a junk yard that was 8 years ago now the car has a 302 with and edelbrock performer package on it no computers running the car all old school under the hood. but...
  4. Classic Tech
    I just put my C6 transmission back on my 1967 mustang. I was filling it back up with transmission fluid, and I put in at least a gallon and a half. All of the sudden fluid started pouring out of a steel tube about 4 inches long on the driver's side of the transmission, kind of on top. I was...
1-4 of 4 Results