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  1. Classic Tech
    Hi, I am installing an aftermarket transmission kick down cable, similiar to the one made by lokar, and am not sure how to set up the tension initially? I have the lokar braket on my carb and one end of the cable already attatched to the transmission. I am just trying to finish the other end on...
  2. Classic Tech
    I have a 289 with AOD transmission. The speedometer cable will not slide all the way into the speedo. After looking at the defective speedo and comparing it to the new one I found that where the cable slides in, on the new one there appears to be a c-clip installed. The defective one doesn't...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hey All: I'm pulling back together a restoration on a '65 coupe. I'm routing the speedometer cable from a C4 back to the dash and don't know where it goes through the firewall. Does anyone have a picture or description of where the cable goes through the firewall? Thanks in advance for the...
  4. Classic Tech
    i want to replace the cable on my 66 c-code with a c4 auto. there is a security lock on the nut! anyone hear of this? anyone know how to bypass this? Thinking of cutting the cable and drilling the lock out on the bench. any help is appreciated!!!