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  1. Firing Order 1–5–4–2–6–3–7–8 vs 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8

    Classic Tech
    I just want to make sure I understand this...the difference between the two firing orders is CAM dependent, and the same CRANK work with BOTH firing orders???
  2. Holley 1940 fast idle cam

    Classic Tech
    I'm trying to rebuild the Holley 1940 carburetor that I have for my '68 mustang. My car has a 250 engine from a '71 mustang. I think I have most of the parts I need to rebuild the carburetor, however, I'm missing the fast idle cam and I can't seem to find any online or any store. Does anyone...
  3. Follow along with my H/C/I install in my 95 GT

    5.0L Tech
    Hey all, Timing chain seems to have gone bad, so I decided to go ahead and install the H/C/I I've had for many years. Combo: Typhoon intake (will gasket-match ports) GT40p heads (upgrading to valve springs to Alex's Parts PN VSK7k49) XE270hr cam 1.7 Crane rockers Pacesetter LT Headers...
  4. Need Help With Power

    I have recently acquired a 1968 302 engine originally off of a Galixy. It had a 2 barrel intake but i removed that to put a four barrel intake on. I am wondering what some cheap and easy things to do are, to add power to the engine. I would like to invest in a cam and heads but I'm not really...
  5. GT-40 Heads on 87 SBF 5.0 HO Block

    5.0L Tech
    So i have a 5.0 HO roller block and i have 2 gt-40 heads in pretty good shape but Im looking to throw in some roller rockers and a cam to juice out some extra hp. My question is how do i know what cam, and rocker ratio should i go with or how do i figure it out?? Im not too good with this whole...
  6. 1986 347 stroker build, pushrod length

    5.0L Tech
    Good Evening Fellow AFM geniuses, Well, my engine has been years in the making, time... money... you know the normal issues. But, here i am, almost done and ready to be rolling on the street and strip. My C6Z was a fun toy but I'm back to Fords. My question is, what length pushrods should i be...
  7. 5.0 engine build. Opinions needed!

    5.0L Tech
    I am building a 5.0 engine over the winter with hopes to drop it into a fox over the summer. I will be grabbing a 5.0 from the junkyard after great inspection, re-ring the bottom end but leave it stock. Doing the classic h/c/i on top. Obviously I am on a budget and my goals are a street car...
  8. 1972 351C Aussie Heads, worth it?

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, new here. I've got a 1972 351 cleveland h-code block with an edelbrock rpm manifold and 600cfm carb. I was driving down the street the other day and the timing belt slipped and I bent a valve, so I'm going to partially rebuild the engine this weekend. I thought I might as well upgrade...
  9. Looking to buy heads for my 1994 Mustang

    5.0L Talk
    I'm new to this site and was wondering if anybody had some suggestions as to what type of heads i should pick up for my 1994 Mustang 5.0. I just ran a 12.69 @ 110 with a 1.81 60 foot. I have a cobra intake, e303 cam, cai, 70mm throttle body, bbk shorty headers, straight pipes, 3.73 gears, and a...
  10. 1968 mustang 289

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys i currently have a pretty much stock 289 68 mustang coupe. it has an edelbrock performer intake, 1" spacer, edelbrock 650cfm 4 barrel carb, tri-y long tube heads and 2.5" dual exhaust with an h pipe. Im looking for that lumpy idle those thumpr cams give. Although I dont know of a good...
  11. 2003 GT Cam Recommendations?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, So I have some of the basic bolt-ons done (check my profile) and I am currently getting started on suspension parts (subframe connectors, upper/lower arms, etc, all piling up in my garage as we speak) but I am always looking to upgrade power. I want to do cams next but was wondering a...
  12. 2002 Mustang GT Cam Installation

    4.6L Talk
    There aren't many auto performance shops around where I live, so the two shops I came across that are capable of the labor are both asking around $3,200 for the install of a set of cams on my 02. That number doesn't include the tune, either. Now, I've never installed cams on a motor, but this...
  13. What cam to use?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a stock bottom end 1989 LX automatic transmission with a 2000 stall and 373 gears. Trick flow 170 heads and a edelbrock performer intake. Which cam should i use? My top pics are....Stock, comp cams xe270hr, f303, and trick flow stage 1. I want something with good performance with an idle...
  14. 351w Camshaft

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I was wondering if I could get any insight on a realistic gain from a new cam in a 351w. The engine has a performer intake and 600cfm carb. I have been looking at either the XE250H or the XE262H. The car is a weekend driver and never sees track time, only street. Thanks, Adam
  15. I need the steps/location to replace Camshaft Position Sensor 98 4.6L V8

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, First post here and would appreciate all the help I can get. I have a 1998 4.6L V8 Mustang GT. It has all of the classic symptoms of a faulty cam shaft position sensor. In fact, that's also what the computer has coded as well. I have heard it is not a hard fix to replace the...
  16. Heads? Cam ? Carburetor ? 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    Heads? Cam ? Carburetor ? 5.0 Im rebuilding an engine out of my 93 fox body. i wanna get some good but not too expensive heads and cam for it. Also wanna add nitrous and possibly a turbo. Anyone have any good suggestions for these parts? im on a low budget and doing all the work myself...
  17. 51014 lunati cam and GT 40 3 bar heads

    5.0L Tech
    I'm looking into putting this can in my 91 stang with gt 40 heads and intake. Has anyone on here ever use this can before? Of course I'm going to check ptv clearence but this has to be hands down the best sounding little can ive heard. Any input would be appreciated
  18. 1988 mustang 5.0 witg cam.Is stock ecu tunable?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1988 mustang 5 0 with an e303 cam and some other basic bolt ons like distributor and intake, nothing big. I just want to know if the computer is tunable because is wont idle right .It will be idling fine a little high at probably about 900 rmp then just randomly start loping real deep...
  19. cam install, around shreveport LA

    4.6L Tech
    I am looking for a good shop that can install my stage 2 cams into my 2001 mustang GT. Any input would be greatly appriciated.
  20. Help with Cam Shaft Selection

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, I have yet to understand different kinds of cams. After I get my new headers and exhaust, I'm going to get a new cam shaft. I was wondering if any of you could gear me in the right direction, or even recommend a specific one. I have a 1969 coupe with a rebuilt 302 with an edelbrock...