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camshaft synchronizer

  1. 2004 Mustang v6 Missfire/Synchronizer Help!

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, I have an 04 Mustang with the 3.9. About two months ago my car started misfiring/Jerking when I press on the gas/accelerating. Code read: misfire randomly. Then few weeks later heard screaming coming from the hood. After long hours of research via internet I found the problem...
  2. Engine Squeak (2004 3.6l)

    V6 Tech
    So for about a month or so I've had a really irritating engine squeak, at first I thought it must be the belt, so i replaced it, but it didn't fix anything, I've started the engine with no belt and the squeaking still remains, the squeeking is worse when the engine hasn't been started for a...
  3. loud squeal then nothing? it died

    V6 Tech
    i was getting in my car to go pick up some mazzio's then i heard this loud squealing sound so i poped hood to check it out i thought it was a belt slip at first but then it was a steady LOUD noise like something was locked and belt was just going over top of it but i checked and all pullies were...
  4. Replacing Camshaft Synchronizer & Sensor

    V6 Tech
    Hey again guys. I have a 2004 V6 3.9L Mustang(Automatic) Im the one that has had the squeeking sound under his hood for the past week... A mechanic told me it was the water pump, I replaced it and still squeeked. I took it to another mechanic and he said its the Camshaft Synchronizer. Which was...