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  1. Classic Talk
    I am looking at a coverking satin stretch car cover and would like feedback on how well the cover holds out dust and yet breathes. I will store it inside and have been looking at California Covers -DustStop and I wonder which is the better cover. I like the look of satin, but I haven't heard...
  2. SVT Cobra Talk
    If my mechanic gives it the thumbs up I hope to close on a 96 SVT Cobra this week. The car is Black and the paint is showroom new. It's been garaged all of it's life. I need to keep it outside with a cover until I get a non-running 63 Pontiac Tempest out of the garage and generally clean the...
  3. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi, Does anyone have a picture of the 2011 GT California Special car cover? I also need the part number. Thanks
  4. Show & Shine
    Just ordered my car cover and was it ever my lucky day. This was a huge discount off a top-quality cover. They are having a huge sale on the black Weathershield Covers:banana: Here's the link:Cover SALE My wife is going to regret me buying my new toy. I'm just getting started.:laugh:
  5. Classic Talk
    What is the best car cover for my 65 fastback? I have seen price ranges from $50 to $400... Any tips on what to buy and where is much appreciated. Jake
1-5 of 8 Results