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  1. 2001 Ford Mustang v6 stalling when coasting or sometimes braking

    V6 Tech
    I received a 2001 Ford Mustang v6 with true dual exhaust (sounds nice ;D) in a trade about a week ago but recently have had some trouble with it stalling....first noticed it the other day when I was leaving my house to go to the court house to get the title officially in my name, stopped by the...
  2. 1999 Mustang Gt dies when first started?

    4.6L Tech
    My 1999 gt dies when i first start it. The car runs perfect with 215,000 miles. But thats the only thing rong. Its only the first crank over it runs for about a second or two then dies..on the second crank it usually starts and runs fine...anything would be helpful. Thanks, Ethan