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  1. 1965 289 Distributor Contact Issue.

    Classic Tech
    I have this strange issue with getting my car started after it sits for certain periods of time. The problem is that, after sitting for about 1 to 2 hours, the prong on my rotor looses contact with the carbon post in my cap, and to get my car to start, I have to bend it upward to restore the...
  2. 2011 GT/CS - Carbon Wrap Roof and Spoiler?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I've got a black 2011 GT/CS and am considering having my roof and rear spoiler wrapped in 3M carbon fiber vinyl. Maybe also wrap the rearview mirrors? I haven't been able to find any pics online of what this would look like, but the link below shows some examples of other cars. Any...
  3. Carbon Fiber Dash Board Kit

    Show & Shine
    I thought some of you might like this DIY Dip Kit. They have carbon fiber, wood grain, camo, skulls, etc... You can dip your dashboard, control knobs, rims, or just about anything with it...
  4. i think i killed my engine. rough idle and no power

    2.3L Tech
    yeah, i'm pretty sure i killed it good. how bad did i hurt it is the question :shiny:. fyi because i almost forgot, my engine's a 1991 2.3 ford ranger. (when it was working right it pulled like a banshee!) for like the last 2 weeks i been running my stang hard and fast (making up for lost...
  5. Carbon deposits and sticky exhaust valve

    Classic Tech
    Ok... I bought a '69 coupe a while ago and my ex-mechanic/motor-head neighbor diagnosed my windsor with a sticky exhaust valve that isn't closing properly. He tried pouring type f down the carb and that helped some. The next thing he suggested hooking up my windshield washer hose (filled with...
  6. Seafoam to find exhaust leak?

    Classic Tech
    I'm trying to find an exhaust leak and I've stumbled upon discussions about seafoam cleaning engines and producing lots of smoke. I figured I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Popular choice seems to be 1/3 fuel tank, 1/3 crankcase, and 1/3 can into intake. Is this safe to try in 66 with stock...
  7. Mustang myths or facts?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    There's been a lot of car side discussions while people and my friends check out my new ride. I just wanted to post some of them in hopes you can help decide which ones are myths and/or facts. 1. All new cars (such as my 07 Mustang) have computer processors that keeps track of your driving...