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  1. 1966 mustang 289 hesitation

    Classic Tech
    Hi all I have a 1966 mustang gt with the a code engine. It's mostly stock but has an edlbrock 289 rpm performer intake and a holley 600 and try y headers also a crane cams xr 700 electronic ignition box. The car ran a little ruff at lower rpm and hesitates on acceleration. So I replaced the cap...
  2. stock 289 w/ 10 mpgs? do u get better?

    Classic Talk
    I have recently rebuilt my engine (289 w/ 3500 miles) and tranny (c4 w/ 10,000). It was a stock rebuild, although i know the the cam was replaced, i beleive it was a stock replacement b/c it performs not much better than b4 the rebuild.The reason it was rebuilt was because the crank was...