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  1. carburated 347 stroker, filter or open carb for road use?

    5.0L Tech
    I will soon be purchasing a 1985 fox body mustang with a nicely built carburated 347 stoker. I was wondering if I could get some advice on the pros and cons of running it on the road without an air filter? Being a nicely built 347, it has a 4 barrel holley carburator (I do not know the jet specs...
  2. 1966 carburetor problem

    Classic Tech
    recently developed this problem with my carb, i think. i have a '66 with a 289, summit 4 barrel carb w/ electric choke, and electric fuel pump. car starts fine, idles fine, and drives fine all the way up to highway speeds, i slow down for lights or stop signs, still idles fine, but then on...
  3. Sits for a few days and refuses to start (carbed).

    5.0L Tech
    Ok so I've gone to a 67 engine, mech fuel pump and all. In the tank, I took out the pump, and simply put a cut piece of metal fuel line down just off the bottom of the tank. Installed a check valve just after the tank, filter sits on the side of the engine bay before the pump, and the carburetor...
  4. Edelbrock Kit in a 91 Roller 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    Hi everyone. This question goes out to all the carb'd guys who use an Edelbrock 1406 600CFM in their Mustang. I am thinking the fella I bought my car off left the settings as is from the factory, and didn't bother to adjust metering rods etc. I live at sea level and the engine has a mild cam/...
  5. 1973 mustang 302 4 barrel carburator cfm?

    Classic Talk
    I was accidentally sold a 750 cfm Edelbrock carburetor for my stock 302! I didn't realize it until i started it and listened to it. Anyways im going to trade it in to my buddy for another carburettor, im not sure what cfm to get! im not sure if mpg is at any expense but if it is, id like to not...
  6. Carburator for my 1995 Cobra Mustang engine 302 block

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Not sure what 4 barrel to get for my lady. Currently has a 2 barrel ederlblock. Any suggestions as far as the upgrade?
  7. REPOST: 1968 Carburator Problem?

    Classic Tech
    Reposting again because...well it seems my last post came across as black instead of actually being posted. )= At any rate, my fiance has a 1968 Mustang and a few weeks ago when we were going to take her for a spin, she decided not to start up. We just replaced the starter (it was the original...
  8. Carburetor Issue, 1966 I-6 1bbl Site Problem and Bug Reports
    Hey guys I had a few questions to ask regarding a carburetor issue that I have that started yesterday. so here's the story I had an autolite 1100 carburetor on there yesterday. gas was pouring out all of the wrong places. So I took it off and installed a different one. I'm not quite sure what...
  9. horsepower gain from stock 289

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1968 fastback with a stock 289 and a three speed. What is the best intake and carburetor I can put on it to gain the most horsepower?
  10. Having trouble identifying the carburetor on my 1966 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    Hi :shigrin, my name is Garrett and I am new to here and enjoying it so far. I have a 1966 Mustang Coupe with an Inline 6. The carburetor that i have on there now is the one that was on there when i got it, the only thing that i can find on it is that is is Motorcraft. I need help identifying...
  11. carb rebuild questions

    Classic Talk
    I rebuilt my autolite 2100 2 barrel carburetor and it doesn't run right. I set the float per the instructions and the needle and seat were set in and function properly. The accelerator pump works and the carburetor is tightened down properly. I am stumped. The symptoms are this: engine idles...
  12. 1966 V8 289 CID (stalls out and sputters) Help!

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1966 Mustang Coupe with a 289. I havent driven it for over a month because of the heat and having no a/c. The short of the story is that I went on a night run and after about 10-12miles my car started sputtering. I would gas it and it would sputter, sputter, then go. Shortly after...
  13. Holley 50-4412 carb settings for a 1967 Mustang 280 2bbl ?

    Classic Tech
    I've recently been working on a new-to-me 67 coupe with a 289 which has a Holley 65-4412 carburetor. It is absolutely drinking gasoline and doesn't seem to have much power and i have been thinking that the carb may be set improperly. As i don't have any real experience with tuning carburetors...
  14. 1967 Mustang Carb Size Advise Needed!

    Classic Tech
    It will be the second summer coming up that I would of had my Mustang and I'm thinking I want to give her a little more pep. I'm not looking to spend a ton on cams other inner parts. I'm looking for a simple carb, intake manifold, and exhaust setup. Currently, it has a 2v stock everything...
  15. New to the forum and needing some help on vacuum advance's

    Classic Tech
    i am rebuilding a 1965 fastback with a 289 in it and i am just about at the point where i can run a fuel line give it some gas and see if i did it all right. i am having a few issues with the distributor and it's vacuum advance, i put a new fomoco 4100 carburetor (sposed to be the one that ford...
  16. putting a 408 in my 1994 Mustang, throttle body or carberated

    5.0L Talk
    i have a 1994 mustang with a 5.0 my pcm is going bad so i have plans of putting a built 408 in its place. my question is what to use for carb or throttle body. open to opinions plan on having flat tops, afr heads and custom cam not sure size yet. need info on intake and carb or throttle body...
  17. New here. 1966 Mustang with 200ci. Idle problem.

    Classic Tech
    It's a great car. One of my dream cars, to be honest. I'm blessed to have aquired it so young. It runs and drives great. A lot smoother than I thought it'd be. The only issue I'm having is when it's idle. It's a little rough. It keeps up at stoplights and all, but slowly going over a speed bump...
  18. 1968 mustang inline 6 crazy Acceleration issues

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1968 mustang coupe with an inline 6. I have a crazy acceleration issue. Every time I start from a dead stop and only a dead stop on an incline the throttle goes down by itself until it reaches 2nd gear. If I am rolling this does not occur or if the car is level or at a decline this does...
  19. fuel injection to carburator on a 2000 Mustang

    V6 Tech
    hey! lol as we know my friend bought my 00' and he originally wanted to drop a 5.0 in the bay but decided on keeping the 3.8. his question was can you do this conversion? what would you need to do and what do you need? from my understanding(this is also what i just see from the motor so i'm...
  20. 91 mustang mass air to carb conversion

    5.0L Tech
    i wana convert my 1991 mustang gt from the mas setup to the carburated setup does anyone know whats a safe rpm rating for the motor and cam i found a manifold that goes to 8000 rpms..