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carburetor problems

  1. Flooding issues

    Classic Tech
    Have an original 66 GT. Rebuilt the Autolite 4100 and now having flooding issues after the car runs ok for a few minutes. It starts loading up and just doesn't want to run. You can smell a strong gas odor. Just to verify removed a plug and it was wet Took the top off the carb after all...
  2. 4300 Autolite Carb Rebuild

    Classic Tech
    I need some suggestions for an experienced shop / business to help with my carburetor rebuild. I do not want to buy a new carb. This Mustang has been in my family since it came off the showroom floor and is still pretty much all original (minus a fender), and I would like to keep everything as...
  3. still 289 help experts needed

    Classic Tech
    bear with me as this is long and from other posts. i want to keep this current so i can get this resolved and have expressed all the info that i can. if i get requests i will post a video of it running to show whats going on. so i have a pretty soluid 289. runs about 15 inches of vacuum on the...
  4. 1965 mustang carburetor leak

    Classic Tech
    hello folks i am having a carburetor leak ... i was told a couple of different things .. + i was told by a friend to see where the leak is coming from then i can buy gasket paper and cut out to the size of the gaskets then replace them ... please let me know if this is a good option.. + i was...
  5. Vacuum lines needed? Edelbrock 1406 carb.

    5.0L Tech
    I was looking around the forums and I noticed that this hasn't been asked yet. Seeing how I have a very specific problem ill ask the all mighty forum. Before I go on I have no real knowledge of carbs so if any of my information is bad its just what people who supposable have knowledge has told...