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  1. Fueling Your Curiosity: How Modern Fuel Injection Works

      [This feature is part of an ongoing series of tech explainers. If there are any automotive technologies or cool features you’d like explained, let us know in the comments.] If you've only started driving in the last 20 years, you probably don't know how much of an improvement there is over...
  2. Holley 1940 fast idle cam

    Classic Tech
    I'm trying to rebuild the Holley 1940 carburetor that I have for my '68 mustang. My car has a 250 engine from a '71 mustang. I think I have most of the parts I need to rebuild the carburetor, however, I'm missing the fast idle cam and I can't seem to find any online or any store. Does anyone...
  3. Holley 4 barrel fuel diaphragm question

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys have a question about a Holley carb I was rebuilding for my '68. This is the first Holley I've ever messed with. I bought it used and it was all intact and in really really good shape and had a brand new electric choke put on it. (Only paid $20 for it too!) I got it home and started...
  4. Using an O2 sensor on a classic for tuning

    Classic Tech
    So, curious to know what other have experienced with an O2 sensor (wideband AFR gauge) on the classics (65-68) I have a 302/4 speed top loader/Tri-Y's/ and will be installing just after the collector on the passenger bank. I purchased the (AEM 30-0300 kit) - I'm curious to know how/where others...
  5. Holley Carb Tuning on a Mild-ish 289

    Classic Tech
    Recently, I bought a Quick Fuel 680 HR vacuum secondary carburetor, and being a Quick Fuel, it is almost fully tunable. Yeah, 680 might be a bit big, but I like to rev high, and some extra tuning can get things to work well down low. I have used both an Edelbrock 1406 and a Holley 570 Street...
  6. 1966 Mustang Electric Choke or Pull Choke Help Please

    Classic Tech
    Ok I have a 1966 Mustang it has a Inline 6 with a 1 Barrel Carburetor. Anways my carburetor has a heated thermostat Choke thats not working I'm wanting to convert it to an Electric Choke or a Pull Choke. What I need help with is on deciding on wich one would be the best for my car or do...
  7. 2000 Mustang V6 shuts down while idle only after i shut it down for the first time.

    V6 Tech
    Hi everyone, I have been Reading a lot of advice on here for a while but never have had to post. Here is the problem I am having. My mustang runs perfectly right until I shut it off for any given reason. Let’s say I drive it and all is fine but when I go to get gas or go buy something really...
  8. 1965 6 cylinder - can anyone identify this carburetor?

    Classic Tech
    Having a hard time finding answers to this online.. This carburetor was in my 1965 6 cylinder mustang coupe project car when I bought it. Anyone know what it is? And should I replace / rebuild / leave it?
  9. 1969 250 Holley carburetor number and source

    Classic Talk
    My mechanic just called me and said he doesn't think my 1969 Holley carburetor is rebuild-able. He suggested I get a new one. I do not know if the Holly was original to the car, but I'm assuming it is, as it has not otherwise been modified. The parts store says $350. Is that reasonable? What is...
  10. 2 Barrel Carburetor to 4 Barrel Conversion

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1978 King Cobra that I'm looking to give some more power. I'm looking at a power plus intake and holley 600 cfm package deal on craigslist. Is it as simple as taking the old off and putting the new on?? Any information would be appreciated
  11. 1966 Carburetor Question (170ci)

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, I have a few questions relating my carburetor (and installation) on my 66' 170. Im pretty new to this stuff so all info would be greatly appreciated! First off, im looking to replace my stock carb to let the engine breathe better. Im just wondering is the a certain carburetor that...
  12. Anybody familiar with throttle body injection?

    Classic Tech
    I've been wanting for a long time to swap out the 2bbl carburetor for a 2bbl TBI system for my 1965 Mustang with a 200ci I6. I found a website called Affordable Fuel Injection and it's the cheapest TBI system I've seen so far Ford TBI Convesion Kit The affordable fuel injection is, I believe...
  13. 5.0 Engine Build

    5.0L Tech
    So I'm new to the 5.0 section because I usually post in the classic tech section and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so site administrators move it to where it needs to be :winks I wanna build up a 302 5.0 everything entirely new and entirely different from stock (of...
  14. Heads? Cam ? Carburetor ? 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    Heads? Cam ? Carburetor ? 5.0 Im rebuilding an engine out of my 93 fox body. i wanna get some good but not too expensive heads and cam for it. Also wanna add nitrous and possibly a turbo. Anyone have any good suggestions for these parts? im on a low budget and doing all the work myself...
  15. 351 Windsor Carburetor options

    Classic Tech
    I have a 65 mustang with a 351 windsor under the hood, after sitting for 10 months because of a drivetrain issue that I am now finally getting fixed, I found that she is leaking heavy amounts of fuel out of the carb. Starts right up, runs alright as far as I know because as of this moment the...
  16. Top end Kit and the right carburator

    5.0L Tech
    HI, this is my first time rebuilding a engine (took auto so i know the basics) and I am rebuilding a 1968 302 V8. I had it bored .030 over. I am using the stock crank in my rebuild and my question is, will the stock crank be able to handle this kit? 2091 Mustang Edelbrock Top End Engine Kit...
  17. Is an Edelbrock 750cfm carb too big for my 69 302 coupe?

    Classic Tech
    He guys, (This is my first post) I was wondering what carburetor was put onto my 69 302 coupe by the previous owner, so I checked and I looked up the numbers I saw on the carb and found that people said it was a 750cfm carb. I'm not very knowledgeable with car stuff as I just began getting into...
  18. 1975 302 Carb to Distributor Vacuum Advance Kills 302

    Classic Tech
    All -- When I try to hook up the vacuum hose from the timed or untimed port on my Edelbrock carburetor to the vacuum port on my distributor, the engine immediately stalls / cuts off. Anyone have any idea what the issue might be? The distributor was supposedly rebuild. HELP!
  19. What is the Original Carburetor for 1968 289 C-Code?

    Classic Tech
    I have had my 68 Mustang Conv with a 289, C Code, C-4 Auto Trans for 27 years now, and it has always had an Autolite 4300 carb. I have a small leak in it on the front side right above where the fuel filter screws in, and it looks like a small crack. So I started searching for a replacement...
  20. 1967 Mustang start up issue

    Hello, I've recently purchased a 1967 V6 3speed Ford Mustang and the car drove great without any noticeable issues. The car is stock. However, as of today, I had a hard time starting the car after leaving my local gym. The previous owner suggested that I turn the key and give the car a little...