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  1. What are these red nubs in center storage bin of 2012?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I picked up my first Mustang, a 2012 base V-6 convertible - great car! At the bottom of the center console storage bin are two odd-looking red nubs each in their own little cubby holes. I can't figure out what purpose they serve. Is there some part missing in the storage bin? Here's a...
  2. Rims and centercaps

    Mustang II Tech
    I have just obtained a set of rims and center caps which I believe are original mustang. They look great, the emblem even matches my hub caps. My question is being an aluminum rim I do not know how or what metal of a nut and bolt or screw to attach the center cap to the rim. I am also looking...
  3. 2001 Mustang GT Third brake light (on trunk) not working

    4.6L Tech
    It's been a while since I've been on here. I purchased a 2001 Mustang GT some months back. The third brake light (center brake light on the trunk lid) is NOT working now. It worked when I purchased it. When I applied the brakes, it would blink for about 5 seconds and then stay on. I'm taking...
  4. 1965 Center Console Without AC: Console Door problems

    Classic Tech
    Alright guys I have a question that's bothered me for about two days now because I swear I thought it'd be one of the easiest things to replace. I'm replacing all the pieces on the center console but kept the original body itself, and everything was going great until I tried to put in the garage...
  5. Saleen Speedline center caps for sale

    5.0L Talk
    hi i have two saleen speedline center caps in perfect shape one is missing the sticker and one has it i also have 3 centercaps that will fit the speedline wheels but arent the stock ones let me know if your interested im not in a rush to sell ill post pics soon thanks! -Austin
  6. Dante Rims for 2000 Mustang GT?

    Wheels and Tires
    I just got in a car wreck in my 2000 Mustang GT and one of my Dante 17 in rims was damaged: I lost the center cap to it. The body shop said that the rims were discontinued. I have talked to many stores and they haven't even heard of the company Dante. Please if you have any information on this...