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  1. Help Confirm my A/C system readings

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Good morning everyone, I have a 2003 cobra svt that has been having A/C issues. I think I know the problem but I would appreciate some confirmation before I blow it up. Engine running, A/C on max and fan on high. Using the freon recharge kit gauge, low side pressure indicates ~50 psi...
  2. Fuse link 1992 5.0 e f wire gauge help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey all, im having trouble charging and i believe its my fuse link from alternator to battery, i understand there is 2 from alternater. My 2 options are fuse link ''e'' or fuse link ''f''. Does anyone know the wire gauge for these 2 fuse links or where i can get a replacement for either I for 1...
  3. 88 mustang wont stay charged!

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys i know this topic is up here somewhere but im having troubles finding answers. Heres my problem. I didnt notice battery draining with lights and fan off, but ive driven it twice at night, lights and fan on, battery completely died, needle all the way in the red dash was completely dim...
  4. 1966 Mustang Alternator Wiring

    Classic Tech
    I recently had a lot of work done on my 1966 Mustang and while the engine was out, I decided to check the alternator and see if I needed a replacement or not. I took it to a local parts store and they ran the tests on my alternator and said that it was bad, so I decided to turn it in and buy a...
  5. 1965 6cylinder 3speed mustang won't start

    Classic Tech
    I recently got a new battery because my last one was loosing the charge. After the vehicle was sittting for a couple of weeks this battery also lost the charge. Before it would start just fine with a jump, but now even with a jump when I turn the key all I hear is a noise coming from the...