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  1. Clutch Problem? Maybe Worse?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Greetings! I've had my 07 Mustang Gt for a little over a year now. 116k miles, manual transmission, and its mostly stock. Since I got the car, there has been a chatter coming from the transmission but I've been told this is normal to an extent with this model. As the year went by, the chatter...
  2. Gear chatter in differential when decellerating or corners. Fluid has metal particles

    V6 Tech
    My car is a 1999 Mustang 5 speed with a 3.8. I just got the car running after buying it with motor issues. While driving it for the first time, I noticed gear chatter in the differential when decellerating at lower speeds or corners. It does not happen while accelerating, sounded like a...
  3. Clutch chatter and rough tranny after clutch replacement

    4.6L Tech
    I have 110,000 miles on my 03 GT and I took it to the shop when my throwout bearing went bad. I went ahead and replaced the GT clutch with the standard cobra clutch. Immediately upon picking up the car my clutch pedal was vibrating both in and out of gear. Along with that my transmission also...
  4. New clutch chatters or shudders when releasing the pedal from a stop? 2003 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    New clutch chatters or shudders when releasing the pedal from a complete stop in 1st gear ? I just installed a new clutch, p.plate, pilot and release bearings, pivot ball, and trans. mount, along with having the flywheel resurfaced. It seemed to drive and shift smoothly as it should. It started...
  5. 1999 V6 Mustang clutch chatter?

    V6 Tech
    Recently I have been hearing a sort of ticking noise while I am driving. It does not happen at any certain RPM, or speed, but just kinda randomly, but when I put the slightest pressure on the clutch, it stops immediatly. Does anybody have any idea as to what this is and how it can be fixed?
  6. 1997 mustang clutch problems after clutch install

    V6 Tech
    I have been rebuilding my 97 mustang for about 5 years at home on and off after wrecking it in 2004. I just finally got it back on the road. The TOB was making noise for about a year before i wrecked the car so i knew it had to be replaced. About a month ago i put in an OEM clutch from NAPA. I...
  7. v6 valve chatter

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    i've modded s197 more than most people i no so no one where i live can really tell me anything about them. my engine has started to tick slightly and the motor it's self has gottin louder. (not exhaust end) the only way i can explain the running noise is like a skuzzy skuzzy sound (odd i...
  8. Simple fix for Hurst short throw chatter

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I recently bought a second hand 2006 V6 Mustang and it came with the Hurst short throw shifter. I noticed the chatter and rattle right away and thought maybe I could live with it. WRONG! I took off the shifter boot and rubber tunnel boot to see what the problem was. The noise came from the...